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Massive Beer Reviews is an award-winning YouTube beer review, brewery, and culture show based out of Northeastern Pennsylvania. With almost 20 years in the craft beer game, we aim to cover all styles, but pull no punches when it comes to our opinions on the beers we cover.

 Mathew Dapkins

MASSIVE BEER REVIEWS: The Plague by Draai Laag Brewing Company and an interview with the brewer

Beer: The Plague Brewery: Draai Laag Brewing Company Style: Wild Stout Age: 2015 ABV: 9.00% We’ve got some double duty goodness for today’s Massive Beer Review! First up is a review of a beer we traveled down near Pittsburgh to snag, a wild stout brewed with all kinds of funk, berries, and goodness – Draai […]

 Mathew Dapkins

MASSIVE BEER REVIEWS: Higher Math 20th Anniversary by Dogfish Head

Beer: Higher Math 20th Anniversary Brewery: Dogfish Head Style: American Strong Ale Age: 2015 ABV: 17.00% If you don’t know, then you don’t know… How’s that some “Higher Math” for all ya’ll? This is a golden ale (though it’s much better classified as a strong ale) brewed with chocolate and sour cherry juice, and it […]

 Mathew Dapkins

MASSIVE BEER REVIEWS: Grand Hoppa by Stegmaier Brewing Company

Beer: Grand Hoppa Brewery: Stegmaier Brewing Company (The Lion Brewery) Style: Double IPA Age: 2015 ABV: 8.90% IBU: 110 We’re dropping a little local fare for you on today’s Massive Beer Review! This time, we take a look at an NEPA staple brewery’s foray into something more inspiring – Stegmaier’s Grand Hoppa, an 8.9 percent, […]

 Mathew Dapkins

MASSIVE BEER REVIEWS: Vermilion Barleywine by Perennial Artisan Ales

Beer: Vermilion Barleywine Brewery: Perennial Artisan Ales Style: English Barleywine Age: 2013 ABV: 10.50% We’re bucking another personal faux pas of personal douchebaggery with today’s Massive Beer Review! I’m a weird dude, and while I don’t have the time or the patience to list all my weirdness, one of my calling card personal issues is […]

 Mathew Dapkins

MASSIVE BEER REVIEWS: Year-old vs. fresh Heady Topper by The Alchemist

Beer: Heady Topper Brewery: The Alchemist Style: Double IPA Age: 2014 vs. 2015 ABV: 8.0% Inspired by yesterday’s date, we’re doing a little “Back to the Future” madness on today’s Massive Beer Review! Heady Topper is one of the OG, super sought-after DIPAs. This beer’s labeling states two things emphatically – “drink from the can” […]

 Mathew Dapkins

MASSIVE BEER REVIEWS: One Thousand Four Hundred Sixty by Kane Brewing Company

Beer: One Thousand Four Hundred Sixty Brewery: Kane Brewing Company Style: Solera Belgian Quad Age: 2015 ABV: 12.00% When a good friend dropped a couple bombs of one of our favorite anniversary beers, we wasted no time cracking, enjoying, and reviewing said bombs, baby! Today, we take to task this year’s version of what was […]

 Mathew Dapkins

MASSIVE BEER REVIEWS: Bourbon Barrel Aged Devious by Fegley’s Brew Works

Beer: Bourbon Barrel Aged Devious Brewery: Fegley’s Brew Works Style: Pumpkin Ale Age: 2015 ABV: 9.00% When you wake up to a rainy day with a high temp of 45 degrees, it’s officially the season for posting pumpkin beers. Well, that or you randomly grabbed a local barrel-aged version off the shelf last night and […]

 Mathew Dapkins

MASSIVE BEER REVIEWS: Track #8: The Number of the Beast by The Lost Abbey

Beer: Track #8: The Number of the Beast Brewery: The Lost Abbey Style: Quadrupel Age: 2014 ABV: 13.70% We’re dropping a little bourbon barrel-aged cinnamon and chili beer goodness on all ya’ll asses for our 400th review – and our first on NEPA Scene! The Lost Abbey’s Track #8: The Number of the Beast is […]

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