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Kickstart this zombie-themed music video and become one of the undead

Kickstart this zombie-themed music video and become one of the undead
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With Halloween just over a month away, there are plenty of reasons to dress up like a zombie, but the best reason to do so in NEPA may just be on Saturday, Oct. 25.

One of A Social State’s biggest fans, Chantel Mitchell, created a Kickstarter campaign to fund a zombie-themed music video for the Scranton band’s song “Side by Side” from their latest album “How to Get to Heaven,” released earlier this month. Listen to the song, along with the rest of the album, here:

With just eight days left to meet the $2,000 goal, Mitchell is asking local music fans to consider donating to the shoot in Taylor. For only $25, you can participate by becoming a zombie and destroying her wedding dress – makeup and munchies (presumably human flesh) will be provided.

Cassandra Panek of Synthetic Shadows Photography (who shot the above picture of Mitchell as the bride) and Timothy McDermott and Brad Barry of Japhy Creative will help bring the undead to life that day.

Mitchell explains the concept of the video and the expenses involved on the Kickstarter page:

I’ve wanted to be a part of the trash-your-wedding-dress movement for a long time now. The original idea was to do a zombie themed photo shoot with my friend and collaborator Cassandra of Synthetic Shadows Photography. Then we discussed turning it into a mini horror movie. Then a friend’s film project brought me to an abandoned, crumbling coal breaker. Suddenly I knew it had to be a music video. A Social State was the first band that came to mind, and they have been eager to join forces in this venture! When I approached Tim McDermott and Brad Barry with my idea and asked if they would film and direct, the response I got was “Uhh…YES.”

Now we need your help to get our project off of the ground. Here’s a breakdown of our budget:

Food: $500 – 50 extras plus cast and crew for an entire day? I don’t need my zombies actually resorting to cannibalism.

Photography: $350

Event Insurance: $250 – Required by the Taylor Borough

Portable toilets: $200 – All day. Slightly remote location. Ahem.

Props/Costumes: $200

Make-up: $100

Dress Dry clean: $100 – need it to be sparkling before I destroy it!

Incentive materials/shipping: $100

Miscellaneous/cushion: $100

Total: $1800. Kickstarter takes a 5% fee, plus Amazon takes 3-5% to process payments. Thus why we need to raise $2000.

$2,000 must be pledged by Sunday, Oct. 5 for the project to move forward, so those looking to star in this indie rock “Thriller” have little time to waste.