Chris Hughes

New Nintendo 3DS XL designs play on nostalgia, upcoming titles

New Nintendo 3DS XL designs play on nostalgia, upcoming titles
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The new designs for the 3DS XL revealed Sept. 10 by Nintendo during the GameStop EXPO in Anaheim, California play off of the company’s console gaming history and the success of its all-star fighting franchise.

Nostalgic Nintendo fans may be drawn to the GameStop exclusive 3DS XL modeled after the iconic Nintendo Entertainment System controller, complete with packaging that resembles the console itself. The retrogaming hardware goes on sale Oct. 10 for $199.99, and preorders are already available via GameStop.

GameStop is getting a second exclusive in the Persona Q Edition of the 3DS XL, with iconograpy “Grimoire styling” from the ATLUS role-playing game “Persona Q: Shadow of the Labyrinth.” The game and special edition system launch simultaneously on Nov. 25. The hardware and game are sold separately, with the system available for $199.99.

Nintendo is also banking on the success of its popular cross-series fighting game, “Super Smash Bros.,” with special edition red and blue systems that features a dozen of the game’s characters, including Mario, Link, Samus, Little Mac, Pikachu, and the Villager from “Animal Crossing.” There’s no store-specific exclusivity for those designs, which go on sale Sept. 19 in honor of the Oct. 3 launch of “Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS.” MSRP is $199.99. An official release date for the Wii U version of the fourth generation fighter is expected during a Nintendo Treehouse event on Sept. 12.

According to Nintendo’s announcement yesterday, more than 12 million systems “in the 3DS family” have been sold in the states.

The 3DS XL has a 4.88″ screen, compared to the 3.53″ screen on the original and 2DS models. It’s 93mm high by 156mm wide by 22 mm thick when closed, versus 74mm x 134mm x 21mm.