Rich Howells

VIDEO: ‘Building Social Capital’ by Joseph Cabrera at TEDxScranton

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TED Talks, or conferences that follow the motto “ideas worth spreading,” have become a global phenomenon since the nonprofit organization began posting them online for free in 2006. With the introduction of TEDx, which supports independent organizers who want to create TED-like events in their own communities, it was only a matter of time before these intellectual and inspirational talks came to Scranton.

Organized by Jessica Meoni, TEDxScranton was held on Aug. 16 at the University of Scranton under the theme “Revitalize This!” and revolved around the concepts of urban renovation, new urbanism, eminent domain, artistic renaissance, and community building.

The talks are now posted online, so read more about this one below:

Description: Joseph Cabrera shows us how changing some small architectural attributes in our neighborhoods can actually make a big impact in the way of our kindness, gratuity, and faith in each other.

Bio: Joseph Cabrera is an assistant professor of sociology in the Social Science Department at the University of La Verne. He has published numerous articles in urban studies journals, such as Housing Policy Debate, Environment and Behavior, and Journal of Planning Education and Research. His research focuses on how urban planning and architectural design affects social capital (i.e., social networks, trust, and reciprocity) in communities. His previous work has examined differences in social capital between new urbanist and standard suburban communities. Currently, he is studying a new urbanist inspired revitalization project in South Scranton, examining the formation of social capital in ethnically and racially diverse neighborhoods.

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