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CONCERT REVIEW: The Wailers transcend traditional concert experience

CONCERT REVIEW: The Wailers transcend traditional concert experience
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Review submitted by Giovanna Arcadu

It was undeniable that hundreds of excited audience members came to hear The Wailers perform Bob Marley‘s songs of love and peace at the F.M. Kirby Center on Friday night, Oct. 10, and while the legend himself could not be there, it felt like he was performing that night, brought to life by this incredibly talented, soulful reggae band, led by bassist and musical director Aston “Family Man” Barrett, who played with Bob Marley and the Wailers before Marley’s untimely death.

The opening performances by special guests the Mighty Mystic and the George Wesley Band began the powerhouse of inspiration, performing songs of social justice and love such as “Revolution” and “Righteous Love,” respectively.

George Wesley

The Wailers, who came to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the release of their album “Legend,” were greeted with a standing ovation from an exuberant crowd who remained standing throughout the entire performance.

“Tonight is all about the alternate experience,” exclaimed Dwayne “Danglin” Anglin, the band’s lead vocalist, as they erupted into their opening song, “Is This Love.” The set also included classics such as “Three Little Birds,” “No Woman, No Cry”, and “Buffalo Soldier.”

Benbow and Aston ‘Family Man’ Barrett

As a dedicated gathering sang along and swayed within the vibration of the band’s deep, soulful harmony, a younger concert-goer commented, “It feels as though the music and lyrics shake me alive.”
The Wailers managed to envelope their many fans and newcomers into a higher dimension as the percussion shrouded into every breath taken by a large crowd of ardent, mixed-generation enthusiasts. A Jamaican zephyr of illumination was felt by all who were in attendance.

Along with the spiritual presence of Bob Marley felt within every groove delivered, The Wailers’ presence lit up the stage of the Kirby Center as they became the gateway into a transcendental experience.

This reviewer, along with this crowd, looks forward to experiencing more of this incredibly talented band that is keeping their legendary roots alive.

To view a full set of photos by Robb Malloy and Tammy Heid from the show, click here.