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STRENGTH & FOCUS: The power of chiropractic with Dr. Dan Golaszewski

STRENGTH & FOCUS: The power of chiropractic with Dr. Dan Golaszewski
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Greetings, friends,

I’d like to take a moment to thank all of my readers who e-mailed to share stories and ask questions in regards to the weekly topics. I’m forever grateful to know that this column has been able to help, motivate, and inspire so many people in such a short amount of time since it debuted three weeks ago.

As the tagline states, this column is intended to offer strength and focus as you navigate your way through weekly activities, whether they be personal, professional, or anywhere in between. In his many books, Napoleon Hill repeatedly emphasized the power one can attain through the accumulation of organized knowledge. This power comes from aligning with great people in order to share knowledge, resources, and expertise so that all parties may benefit. It is in that spirit that this column will also serve as a platform to highlight and/or introduce phenomenal local professionals and practitioners who strive to bring health and wellness to the forefront of our community.

For this first interview, I chose to highlight Dr. Dan Golaszewski, owner of Power Chiropractic in Wilkes-Barre and a leader in holistic health and wellness. Within minutes of meeting Dr. Dan, it became abundantly clear that he is someone who has a passion for helping people improve their overall well-being, and he truly loves his work. While traditional chiropractic focuses on pain management without the use of medication, Dr. Dan takes his practice a step further by encouraging his patients to take responsibility for their thoughts and beliefs about health. Through his practice and many regular workshops, he supports his patients in acknowledging and accepting their value and self-worth and inspires them to live a more fulfilling life by incorporating positive habits to boost overall health.

While sitting in the waiting area, I had a good laugh at one of the signs that read, “We don’t crack your back…” and throughout our conversation, Dr. Dan was good enough to enlighten me on some of the many practices in chiropractic, provide excellent stories and testimonials, and even shed some light on some common misconceptions, such as the aforementioned sign in the lobby. As he described it to me, imagine a triangle and each angle represents a major point in chiropractic; it’s a science (the effects both anatomically and physiologically), an art (the techniques used), and a philosophy (the principles). Another sign proudly reads, “The power that makes the body, heals the body,” which is a central belief at Power Chiropractic and one he earnestly advocates.

In addition to his practice, which will be celebrating its sixth year at the end of October, you can also find Dr. Dan each Saturday on WILK 103.1 FM from 11 a.m.-noon. His show, “Maximize Your Health,” discusses current topics in the news regarding health and fitness, provides recipes for nutritional meals, and shares recent testimonials to empower listeners to take ownership of their individual needs and goals. The show also provides hope for listeners who may be considering holistic services by providing a new solution and outlook.

He recently hosted a four-week workshop, the Total Health Makeover, which is a program designed to guide the participant towards a health and lifestyle transformation. Topics included: Function & Fitness, Food for Health, Toxicity 101, and Mindset of a Champion. Unfortunately, I missed the opportunity to attend; however, Dr. Dan assured me that he will host another series in the spring, and if you don’t want to wait until then, DVDs are available now!

Dr. Dan frequently travels around NEPA speaking to various groups and educating the public about the benefits of health and wellness. When asked about his goal, he stated that he wanted to reach as many people as possible and to see the community thrive by taking health into their own hands. He emphasized, “We want to see people transform.”

I’m extremely thankful to Dr. Dan and his wonderful staff for taking the time to assist with this interview.

For more information or services about Dr. Dan Golaszewski and Power Chiropractic, please visit their website.

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