Derek Warren


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Beer: Ten FIDY

Brewer: Oskar Blues

Style: Russian Imperial Stout

ABV: 10.50%

Description: Ten FIDY pours a deep, dark black with a deep brown head that leaves behind a thick lacing on the glass. The aroma is full of roasted malts with sweet chocolate and coffee coming to the forefront, first backed by hints of earthy hops. The taste follows the nose with a huge explosion of sweet chocolate up front that is followed by earthy hops and finishes with deliciously fresh brewed coffee.

Ten FIDY is certainly sweet, but it does not overwhelm the palate with sweetness and instead leaves a perfectly dry finish. The body and full with moderate carbonation that still manages to clean itself up perfectly. The 10.5 percent ABV is non-apparent without any alcohol heat present. Ten FIDY has a stellar reputation amongst many craft beer fans, and it is easy to see why; this is a world-class beer that is an absolute must-try for fans of craft beer!

Ideal setting: Ten FIDY is a beer with a lot of nuance and a high ABV; this combination makes for a great beer to enjoy at home. The high ABV is perfect to warm up with on a cold winter evening after a long day at work, and the flavor profile is complex enough that you will be thoroughly examining the beer throughout the drinking experience.

Ideal music: The high ABV and dark roasted malt characteristic in this beer make for a great winter beer setting, and nothing says winter like black metal! The Nordic setting for the music pairs perfectly with this Russian Imperial Stout.

Some great albums to enjoy with Ten FIDY are:

Ideal movie: The dark color and roasted flavors of the beer again call upon images of winter settings, but this calls for something much more epic than some of the fluff we are treated to during the winter months. Instead, a film that is brooding, dark, and set in the winter if possible make for the best pairing.

Some great films to watch while enjoying Ten FIDY are:

Ideal book: A book that is introspective, complex, and possesses a deep underlying meaning is the best match for this beer. The beer will relax you to the point that you can really focus on the book, so something that penetrates deep into the mind is perfect to enjoy at this time.

Some great books to read with Ten FIDY are:

The perfect experience: Ten FIDY is a beer that should be shared with as many people as possible, especially those who love great beer. However, this is a beer that is best enjoyed in a setting that allows for the ability to sip and savor the beer for as long as possible without disturbance. Enjoy this beer anywhere, but the ideal setting is at home sipping Ten FIDY while curling up with a great book in front of a warm fireplace. Bring on winter!

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