Rich Howells

PHOTOS: Pink Hex at Synaesthesia Social, 11/23/14

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Pink Hex, a self-described “experimental/avant-garde/ambient/noise/drone/free form jazz band from Lehigh Valley,” is just the type of act made for an event like Synaethesia Social at the Olde Brick Theatre in Scranton.

As described by organizer and artist Ted Michalowski in a press release:

Synaethesia Social combines live music, drawing, poetry, and theatre: the performers are the subject as well as the entertainment. Every week presents a different ensemble of progressive and experimental musicians in a venue allowing them to perform uncompromised to an all-ages crowd, with expectations extending beyond the current Top 40.

The music ranges from and merges rock, classical, jazz, hip-hop, gypsy, folk, country, blues, electronic, and the experimental and avant-garde. This venue fosters the interchange of art forms, valuing the development of culture within community over commodity.

Held every Sunday from 6 p.m.-9 p.m., NEPA Scene photographers Robb Malloy and Tammy Heid attended Synaesthesia Social on Nov. 23 to take pictures of Pink Hex and the artistic attendees.

For photos from a music and poetry night at Synaethesia Social on Sept. 21, click here.