Rich Howells

SHORT FILM PREMIERE: ‘A Fine Dining Experience’ by director Jamie Sutor

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Scranton filmmaker Jamie Sutor of Parents’ Basement Productions and NEPA Scene are proud to present the exclusive online premiere of “A Fine Dining Experience,” an abstract short film centering around several patrons in an upscale restaurant.

The film is a comedy that plays on the stereotypes portrayed in a typical fine dining atmosphere.

Written and directed by Sutor and produced by Voyager Video in conjunction with TwentyFiveEight Studios, “A Fine Dining Experience” is influenced by the dry humor of TV shows such as “Monty Python’s Flying Circus,” “Mr. Bean,” “The Mighty Boosh,” and “The Kids in the Hall.”

“The film itself feels like a short play, which was the goal,” Sutor told NEPA Scene.

“We didn’t want to make it feel like something that could turn into a feature, but just a short comedy audiences can watch and enjoy in under 10 minutes.”

Stars Don McGlynn and Rob Klubeck, known for their local improv comedy group, “Here We Are In Spain,” were the director’s first choices to play the main characters because of their ability to “exhibit such raw comedic tones.”

“We auditioned them and immediately picked them right after for how funny they delivered the performance. You can tell the chemistry is strong between the two from how they coincide on screen,” Sutor said.

“We hope viewers share our twisted sense of humor and find this film not only funny, but also just plain weird, because weird is cool.”

So take a seat, order an appetizer, and enjoy the movie.


Directed by: Jamie Sutor
Starring: Don McGlynn, Rob Klubeck
Cinematography by: Lindsay Barrasse
Produced by: Jamie Sutor, David Corigliano, Lindsay Barrasse
Sound Design by: Jimmy Reynolds

Full credits appear at the end of the film.