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SONG PREMIERE: Down to Six – ‘Oceans’

SONG PREMIERE: Down to Six – ‘Oceans’
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After undergoing lineup changes back in September, Wilkes-Barre alt rock band Down to Six has a new album coming out next month, so in anticipation of that release, NEPA Scene teamed up with the group to offer an exclusive first listen to the lead single, “Oceans.”

“The song is about losing your way and realizing you may not exactly be the person you thought you were. At the same time, there’s something more and you know that you can find where you’re meant to be. Life and the universe is forever in motion,” singer/guitarist John Novak told NEPA Scene.

The track is available for streaming and free download via Bandcamp and will be receiving radio airplay in the near future. Listen to the song now below:

“The single is a middle ground between the darkest and the catchiest vibes that contrast the record. The overall theme is based around losing yourself, letting go, realizing you can start again, and finding your way,” Novak described.

The band’s first full-length album, entitled “Atlantic,” will be released on Saturday, Dec. 27 at a show at The Other Side (119 S. Main St., Wilkes-Barre), organized by Glory Torch Productions.

“The Other Side has a new Cafe Metro feel, and we really wanted to do a show in our town,” Novak noted.

The record is 10 songs, and Down to Six said they may put out more material and snippets before the official release next month.