Derek Warren


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Beer: Blood Orange Gose

Brewer: Anderson Valley Brewing Company

Style: Gose

ABV: 4.20%

Description: Blood Orange Gose pours a clear straw yellow with amber highlights throughout with a bubbly white head that doesn’t leave much lacing on the glass. The aroma is wonderful and will awaken the senses with notes of orange jumping from the glass backed by subtle hints of wheat and salt, with apparent tartness as well – this will get your mouth watering! The taste follows the nose and is unbelievably refreshing. The blood orange flavors hit the palate up front with wonderful citrus qualities, followed by wheat and a candy-like tartness that finishes up with hints of salt on the lips, leaving the palate invigorated. The light body and moderate carbonation aid in the refreshing qualities of this beer.

While many will argue that this is a summer beer that is great to enjoy while doing chores, it is also the perfect snow blower beer to enjoy while doing winter chores to help chase away the winter blues!

Ideal setting: The light ABV and energizing qualities of this beer make it absolutely perfect for enjoying while out with friends, at home having a small party, or at any number of holiday happenings occurring. Bottom line, this is a beer that should be shared and enjoyed with others!

Ideal music: This beer will enliven your spirits and perk up even the most bored, so it calls for music that will also cheer up the evening. The best kind of music for that is something poppy that is also a bit nostalgic – call it rock, call it indie, call it “emo,” but some great pop punks anthems from the bygone era make for great accompaniment music with this great beer.

Some great albums to enjoy with Blood Orange Gose are:

Ideal movie: The beer’s light character and refreshing fruit qualities make it a great beer to enjoy while sitting down to a great comedy movie, especially those that are a bit nostalgic for the 30-something crowd.

Some great films to watch while enjoying Blood Orange Gose are:

Ideal book: The lighter ABV makes this a wonderful beer to enjoy while reading a great book without any worry of interference from the beer over time. Some great books to enjoy with Blood Orange Gose are history books, but more specifically historical looks at pop culture of any kind.
Some great books to read with Blood Orange Gose are:

The perfect experience: Blood Orange Gose is a beer that is tailor-made for great nights or days together with friends and family. It has enough refreshing qualities to help stave off fatigue, but it also offers a lot of flavor and depth. It is also a beer that many non-craft beer drinkers will most certainly enjoy. Be sure to grab as much as you can of this one – you will want to have it around!

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