Rich Howells

PHOTOS: Lewis & Clarke and Cherokee Red, 12/26/14

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After moving the show due to a snow storm earlier in the month, Cherokee Red and Lewis & Clarke were finally able to get together on Friday, Dec. 26 at the AfA Gallery in Scranton for a night of atmospheric indie folk music.

“This year has been massive for so many of us. Rewarding and difficult, triumphant and tragic….This show is a reunion, a celebration, a memorial, a gathering, a holiday….a reflection. It’s for you, yours, and ours,” Lewis & Clarke wrote on their Facebook page regarding the show.

“We are all fans of Lewis & Clarke, and we knew they were a band we’d really love to play with. When we reached out to them, we definitely found ourselves on similar wavelengths; Lou Rogai asked us to play this show he was putting together at The AfA Gallery, and it fit exactly with what we were looking to do,” Cherokee Red told NEPA Scene in an interview two weeks ago.

“Lou’s songs, and Lewis & Clarke as a band, are extremely powerful. It’s genuine, heartfelt, and well thought-out. And live, it involves an impressive performance by terrific musicians.”

NEPA Scene photographers Robb Malloy and Tammy Heid were there to experience this very special night for both the acts and their fans.

Read a full interview with Wilkes-Barre’s Cherokee Red about the show, their music, and their year here.