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HOW TO PAIR BEER WITH EVERYTHING: Tweak by Avery Brewing Company

HOW TO PAIR BEER WITH EVERYTHING: Tweak by Avery Brewing Company
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Beer: Tweak

Brewer: Avery Brewing Company

Style: American Double/Imperial Stout

ABV: 17.81%

Description: Avery’s Tweak pour an oil black with a thick and dark khaki brown head that leaves behind a web of lacing on the glass. The aroma is full of coffee notes up front, backed by chocolate, bourbon, hints of vanilla, and toffee. The taste follows the nose but is even more pleasing than the description sounds. The incredibly smooth notes of coffee and chocolate cascade over the palate and are followed quickly by hints of bourbon, vanilla, and toffee for an extremely pleasing experience. Imagine creamy coffee ice cream with fresh vanilla bean drizzled with a chocolate and bourbon reduction sauce and you are halfway to understanding just how incredible this beer is to taste. The incredible fact is that it is not cloying sweet, but is instead very smooth with a full body.

The 17.81 percent ABV is incredibly well-hidden, with no alcohol heat detected. However, unlike coffee, this beer is not bottomless, so savor every drop while it’s there; you will miss it when it’s gone! Tweak is a must-try beer for fans of barrel-aged beers and stouts.

Ideal setting: Avery’s Tweak is a beer that, if being consumed alone, is best enjoyed at home, mainly due to the really high ABV that may quickly sneak up and ruin an evening out. However, if being shared with friends, enjoy this at a smoke-free bar that also serves great desserts!

Ideal music: The aggressive nature of this beer can only be soothed by smooth, relaxing music. The music will act as a counterpoint and make for an evening where one can imagine themselves sinking into their favorite chair.

Some great albums to enjoy with Tweak are:

Ideal movie: The complex flavor profile and sipping qualities of this beer make for a great match with thought-provoking films. A film that makes you look inside or just stop and examine the world around you is ideal with Tweak. Nothing too pretentious, though, because no one likes a person who is slightly buzzed waxing philosophical, but if you are indulging alone, get as deep as you want!

Some great films to watch while enjoying Tweak are:

Ideal book: Again, the sipping qualities of this beer make it perfect for enjoying while reading a book with depth. Any book you could imagine reading while enjoying a glass of bourbon or brandy also goes great with Tweak.

Some great books to read with Tweak are:

The perfect experience: Beer is most certainly a social lubricant, and a high ABV such as Tweak will most certainly relax even the most uptight of people. However, Tweak is also a beer that is full of complexities and nuances that simply must be enjoyed in an environment that allows for full concentration. This is a beer that should be enjoyed at home while relaxing to some great music on the stereo, allowing for time to pass without a care in the world.

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