Rich Howells

PHOTOS: Doug’s Myth with K.K. Gordon and Brian Fanelli at Synaesthesia Social, 12/14/14

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Every few months, Synaesthesia Social has a jazz and poetry night, blending these arts together as the Beat poets once did with its own unique spin.

On Sunday, Dec. 14 at the Olde Brick Theatre in Scranton, Doug’s Myth – made up of Doug Smith on the upright bass, Chelsea Smarr on the harp, Nick Driscoll on the flute and saxophone, and Bob Ventrello on drums and various handmade instruments and noisemakers – provided the improvised soundtrack that drove the poems of K.K. Gordon and Brian Fanelli along.

Gordon made a surprise appearance that evening and performed a few original pieces, donning a skeleton mask for some, while Fanelli read a mix of his own work, including selections from his latest book, “All That Remains,” and tributes to other writers.

Synaesthesia Social, which “combines live music, drawing, poetry, and theatre: the performers are the subject as well as the entertainment,” according to a press release, was hosted once again by creator and illustrator Ted Michalowski. As artists worked on pieces inspired by the entertainment or just the atmosphere in the room, Smith finished the night with a festive reading of “A Visit from St. Nicholas,” better known as “‘​Twas the Night Before Christmas.”

For photos from previous socials, click here and here. Synaesthesia Social is held at the Olde Brick Theatre every Sunday from 6 p.m.-9 p.m.