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STRENGTH & FOCUS: Reflecting on Resolutions

STRENGTH & FOCUS: Reflecting on Resolutions
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Greetings, friends!

Well, normally this column comes out on Mondays, but after Resolutions this past weekend, I’d be lying if I didn’t admit that I needed a personal day of quiet meditation, reading a good book and (with the exception of a few personal messages and phone calls) a day to be with my self.

That said, I’m feeling refreshed today and truly grateful for the awesome people in my life. Just as a good sauce needs time to marinate and allow the true flavor to come out, I needed time to sit back and reflect on the many amazing interactions that took place on Sunday.

After months of planning, Resolutions turned out to be exactly as I envisioned from the beginning – a day of empowerment, learning, connections, opportunities, and laughter (actually lots of laughter, and if you spent any time near the yoga area, then you know exactly what I mean! Wow, those ladies have lots of energy and love for life!).

The day was packed with influential and educational presentations from Garry Melville, Sharon Krawetz, Amber Summers-Krug, Marty Wolff, Dr. Dan Golaszewski, and Dina Stewart. All provided brilliant and transformational messages in their field of expertise, and I’m appreciative to all of them for embracing and endorsing the spirit of the event in their presentations.

From the very beginning of the morning and throughout the day, it was incredibly heartwarming to observe the interactions of those who attended. In the past, I’ve been to wellness fairs, events promoting personal development, and cultural activities that seemed very cold and isolated, with the appearance of various “islands” of business all trying to sell their goods or services.

However, as I previously noted, I’m proud to commend the many presenters, participants, vendors, and attendees for embracing the spirit of Resolutions in the way that I had hoped they would. I saw speakers supporting each other as well as vendors taking breaks in shifts to listen to the presentations, vendors walking around to network with the other businesses and making new friends in the process, and attendees investing a few hours to take advantage of all possible opportunities.

I am personally humbled to mention that throughout the day on Sunday and continuing into Monday, each presenter, participant, and vendor took the time to extend their gratitude and words of encouragement to turn Resolutions into an annual event. Multiple attendees, including many I met for the first time on Sunday, took the initiative to reach out and offer generous words and give a testimonial of their positive experience.

I’d like to take the opportunity to once again thank John Phillips of MCR Productions for the wonderful lighting, sound, and setup, as well as DJs Kai-Lo, Basixx, and Evil Bee for providing the perfect atmosphere for a day of transformation and inspiration. Thanks to Lotus Pug Yoga Studio, Yoga Journeys, Theory Wellness & Salon, and my friend Jenna Casaldi for providing activities throughout the day. And lastly, thanks to NEPA Scene, 1120 Studios, Kallisti Publishing, Thrive Wellness Center, On The Go Nutrition, Marty Wolff Business Solutions, Sector One Ent., NEPA Networkers, Brian Kolesa of Muscle Research Supplements, King’s College MiniTHON club, and The Arc of Luzerne County for coming out to support and providing information and resources to eager individuals looking to make positive changes in the new year.

In closing, I will simply say thank you. Thank you to everyone that participated and supported in some way. If this has empowered and motivated you to make 2015 the best year of your life, then I know Resolutions was successful in its purpose; and if the spirit of the event has inspired you to create something that will enrich the community and benefit the people who live here, then go out and build something awesome! And if you need help, please let me know because I’d love to contribute!

Photo of Rich Perry by Rich Howells/NEPA Scene

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