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SHELTER SUNDAY: Meet Brody (tri-color pit bull) and Pumpkin (orange tabby)

SHELTER SUNDAY: Meet Brody (tri-color pit bull) and Pumpkin (orange tabby)
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Blue Chip Farm Animal Refuge teams up with NEPA Scene every week for Shelter Sunday, a post that features one dog, one cat, and occasionally some surprises up for adoption in the hopes of finding them a loving home.

Blue Chip Farm (974 Lockville Rd., Dallas) is a no-kill shelter, a place where no animal is too old or too unwanted to find a warm bed, good food, and most of all, love. Their mission is to provide a sanctuary where older, stray, abandoned, sick, or abused animals can wait to be adopted or simply live out their lives in safety and peace.

Visiting hours are Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday, and Sunday from noon-5 p.m. Other hours are available by appointment. Call 570-333-5265 or visit for more information.





Meet Brody, an absolutely gorgeous female tri-color pit bull! In summer of 2013, Brody was brought to us after going through just about the worst thing ever. She was left in a home to die. Whoever her “owners” were took away her newborn puppies and turned the heat up to 95 degrees in hopes that she would not survive. Luckily, she was saved; unfortunately, what happened to her puppies will never be known.

Brody was adopted from the shelter, which we thought would be her furever home, but her family decided to return her to the shelter shortly after finding out that she is permanently deaf. Fortunately for Brody, that means she will have a chance to actually learn again! So far, she has learned three commands and is working hard on learning the others. She is such a lovely little girl to work with and is very eager to learn.

She is great with almost all other dogs and loves children. Since she can’t hear, she doesn’t realize that she is a chatterbox! She’ll talk your ear off if you allow her! Brody is such a great girl, and we believe she will go far once she learns all of the commands.


Pumpkin is an 8-month-old sweetheart. She was found in the woods, left to die by her owners. She was so scared of everything and didn’t trust anyone. Now she is doing wonderfully and is full of life!

She is not the biggest fan of being held, but she loves to be pet. She loves playing and will keep you busy for hours! But once she’s tired, she loves to snuggle up on your lap. Pumpkin has shown some fear around dogs, so a home with none would be best. She is also a little skittish at times (mostly from loud noises and around large groups of people), so older children would be better. She is such a sweet girl and would do wonderful in a home!