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STRENGTH & FOCUS: 7 tips for a highly effective snow day

STRENGTH & FOCUS: 7 tips for a highly effective snow day
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Greetings, friends!

Before we begin, let’s just clear the air for a minute. Today’s piece has nothing to do with stocking up on bread, eggs, and milk or driving tips for better navigation – sorry, not here. I will, however, give a few tips on being awesome and enjoying your snow day. We live in NEPA and snow is inevitable, so rather than complaining about it on Facebook, I decided to jot down a few ways to make the most of that fluffy white stuff.

1. Make some hot cocoa and enjoy it. Throw in some marshmallows, whipped cream, and whatever other cool additions you prefer. Go big – presentation counts. And if you’re feeling daring and want to liven up your taste buds, add some spirit.

“Wow! Did he just promote alcohol in a mind and body column?”

You’re damn skippy! I don’t pretend to be anything I’m not. A little hot cocoa grown folks-style will always make for an enjoyable morning.

2. Build a snowman.

3. Go sledding! Do we even need to discuss how much fun this is? Have you ever seen a sad face riding a sleigh? Me neither.

4. Take time to read a good book. You know, that thing we used to do in 5th grade for the BOOK IT! Program in order to receive a free children’s pizza from Pizza Hut.

5. Watch the movie “Frozen.” Depending on your resources and/or level of security, you may or may not need to first borrow a kid to accomplish this one. If you have kids, then this is an easy feat. If not, then call up some nieces and nephews or maybe your best friend’s kids and invite them over for the day. Afterwards, refer back to No. 2.

6. Have a chili cook-off.

7. Invite some friends over and play a board game. Remember how much fun board games were? They still are! Board games encourage discussion, build positive interaction, and create opportunity for quality time with loved ones.

(P.S. Put your phone down and keep it on silent. Texting and playing on social media is counterproductive and takes away from the experience. You’re in the company of loved ones for a reason, so spend time with them.)

This is only for the most daring of individuals, but please remember – safety first!

Have you ever taken a Polar Bear Plunge? They’re fun and energizing. But if you don’t have any large bodies of frozen water near you, simply put on your bathing suit and run outside in the snow for five minutes. Be sure to come back inside to warm up, though, and again, please remember safety first.

On a serious and educational note, here are two links discussing cold showers and how they have positive health benefits, such as increasing the body’s tolerance to stress and disease, improving alertness, relieving stress, and even stimulating weight loss, among other benefits.

Thanks for reading, and I hope you enjoy your snow day!

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