Rich Perry

STRENGTH & FOCUS: Give your health a makeover!

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We hear advertisements for makeover shows and programs all the time – everything from proms to the house you live in are given some TLC to become more vibrant and attractive.

Sure, prom is important and the house we live in should have all the essential amenities, plus a few extra, but what about a makeover for your health?! NEPA residents can rest assured that Dr. Dan Golaszewski of Power Chiropractic in Wilkes-Barre has the answer and the program you need to give your health a boost in 2015.

This week’s feature is a video interview focusing on the interactive four-week program “Total Health Makeover” at Power Chiropractic. Watch the video below for full details:

Dr. Dan Golaszewski is the host of “Maximize Your Health” on 103.1 WILK-FM on Saturdays from 11 a.m.-noon. He was also a featured presenter at the Resolutions event recently held at the Hilton in Scranton.

For more information on programs and services, visit

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