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STRENGTH & FOCUS: How can I be more happy?

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Recently, we discussed self-talk, more specifically the thoughts we think and the words we say to ourselves each day. What is it that you tell yourself? You know, when you speak, you are listening! We also talked about taking responsibility and taking control of your thoughts, emotions, and actions – being responsible for yourself and the life you lead.

Now we are going to take that idea of responsibility and discuss how each of us is responsible for creating our own happiness. I’ll say that again: We are responsible for creating our own happiness!

What makes you happy? Do “things” make you happy? Nice shoes, a fancy car, the best phone on the market – sure these are nice things that we can use to make life easier or more enjoyable, but do they really make you happy? If these things have the power to actually make you happy, then does that mean that you give a certain amount of control to things or outside forces rather than maintaining control over your own life? Now that’s not to say that we can’t enjoy nice things or treat ourselves to something special – we could all use a little self-deserved gift or pampering from time to time – but are you the creator of your own happiness and self-fulfillment?

My friend Garry Melville, a life coach and inspirational speaker, and I were recently asked, “How can I be more happy?” The answer is simple: Be more happy! Choose to be happy and you’ll be happy. Think about enjoyable experiences. Say nice things to yourself and others. Do the things you love to do and participate in activities that add joy to your life. Spend time with positive people. Smile. Laugh. Laugh again!

Watch this video and you’ll see what I mean:

If you’re having difficulty in this area of life, have you considered asking for help? Please reach out for support or coaching. I have some wonderful programs that you’d be interested to learn about.

Until next time, thanks and be excellent!

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