Rich Cicci

‘Here Come’ The Bastard Suns – to Ole Tyme Charley’s in Plains on Friday, April 10!

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The Bastard Suns is a band that has been making the kind of music they want to make and doing it on their own – and on their own terms with a distinctive reggae-infused punk sound.

After two full-length albums, a split EP, a four EP set, and several tours that have crisscrossed the country, The Bastard Suns have decided to make a stop in Plains this Friday, April 10, at 8 p.m., so those looking for an amazing night of high-energy punk rock with spectacular vocals, face-melting guitar solos, and enough fun that it will take two whole days to recover from it all should join them at Ole Tyme Charley’s Restaurant & Pub with Bumpin Uglies, Barefoot Brown, and The Slow Surrender.

Recently, we reached out to the Suns’ lead guitarist Wes Driscoll to ask him a few quick questions to prepare NEPA for this exceptional evening organized by Camp Rattler.

NEPA SCENE: Can we get a little background on The Bastard Suns for those who haven’t heard you before? How did you guys meet?

WES DRISCOLL: We formed in Atlanta, Georgia around 2005. It started off as [singer] Clay [Hiers] with an acoustic and then, over the next two years, the right members came in and formed the sound you hear today.

NS: How are things going for the band? Recently drummer Jay Tea announced he was going to be leaving the band after this tour. How have the various lineup changes affected the group?

WD: The band is doing well, and it sucks Jay Tea is leaving. We wish him all the best. With every member change, the dynamic changes slightly, but growth and change are good.

NS: You guys have such a unique sound and style. Who were some of your musical heroes growing up? What influences and inspires the band’s music?

WD: Everything from reggae to rock, Motown, classic rock, punk, ska, country – old country. We all have a wide range of influences. Think NOFX, Sublime, and Dropkick Murphys with lots of whiskey and sweetleaf.

NS: Your last album, “Long Live Song,” was entirely crowdfunded. Are you any closer to lining up a record deal, or do you think you’ll take the same approach in the future as well?

WD: No label offers yet. We just started writing again, so we’ll see which direction we go in.

NS: The Suns have been touring pretty consistently since “Long Live Song” was released. How has the reaction been so far on this tour?

WD: It’s had a mixed reaction. Many love the new album, and a few always go back to “Here Come the Suns” [the first full-length album]. Either way, the response and support from our fans has been awesome!

NS: What do you hope the audience on Friday will take away from the performance?

WD: I hope they leave worn out, sweaty, and feeling like they just had the time of their life.

The Bastard Suns
with Bumpin Uglies, Barefoot Brown, and The Slow Surrender
Location: Ole Tyme Charley’s Restaurant & Pub (31 S. River St., Plains)
Date: Friday, April 10
Time: 8 p.m.
Cost: $8