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Local Weezer tribute band No Memories picks their favorite Weezer songs

Local Weezer tribute band No Memories picks their favorite Weezer songs
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No Memories, the brand new Weezer tribute band from Northeastern Pennsylvania, is making their debut at O’Leary’s Pub in Scranton this Friday, April 10, so we asked vocalist/guitarist Ed Cuozzo (A Social State, Melded, A Fire With Friends), lead guitarist/vocalist Mike Ghigiarelli (Shattered Sky Productions, Melded), drummer Brad Beneski (Pull the Pin, Melded, Shattered Sky Productions), and bassist Matt Mang (The Great Party, The Reigning Toads, Mr Echo) what their personal favorite Weezer songs are.

Ed Cuozzo: “‘Falling for You,’ because of its aggressive nature, crazy musical composition, and devastatingly honest lyrics. Best Weezer song ever.”

Mike Ghigiarelli: “My favorite might be ‘Across the Sea’ because it’s so embarrassingly personal, feels extremely cathartic and, honestly, it’s just great to know that Rivers got my letter.”

Brad Beneski: “My favorite song to play, to sing, and to listen to from Weezer is ‘Why Bother?’ There is just something about the chorus melody and the somewhat passive-aggressive quality in the lyrics. Also, he mentions ‘whacking it’ in the first verse.”

Matt Mang: “I guess we’re all ‘Pinkerton‘ because I’m going with ‘El Scorcho.’ It’s a perfect mix of Weezer’s quirky, different sound but still maintains the catchiness and impossible-to-not-want-to-sing-alongness that gives them mainstream success.”

“All of these and obviously plenty more are sure to be heard at our show this Friday,” Mang added.

The show at O’Leary’s Pub (514 Ash St., Scranton) starts at 9 p.m. and will cost $5 at the door. In an announcement last month, the band noted that while the self-titled “Blue Album” and “Pinkerton” will be the most heavily covered, all the major hits will be present in their sets, along with some of Weezer’s deeper cuts.

For a free NEPA Scene exclusive mp3 and video of Cuozzo covering Weezer’s “The World Has Turned and Left Me Here” with Dan Rosler of A Fire With Friends and Esta Coda, click here.