Jason Riedmiller

PHOTOS: Beautiful People of NEPA, 04/29/15

PHOTOS: Beautiful People of NEPA, 04/29/15
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My name is Jason Riedmiller. I am a photographer from Scranton. I take portraits of people I meet almost every day. Here are eight to start this off this weekly feature.

This is R.J. He has been voted best bouncer in NEPA for eight years and counting. Scranton, PA. 7/29/14

This is Alex. He is a fellow photographer, two-time cancer survivor, and a really good dude. Scranton, PA. 2/17/15

This is Liz and Morgan. I’ve know them a long time and find them highly entertaining. This is one of my favorite pictures I’ve ever taken. Scranton, PA. 5/3/14

This is Clint. He is enjoying a smoke after a long shift at St. Francis of Assisi Kitchen serving dinner to over 250 of the city’s poor and homeless. Scranton, PA. 12/13/14

This is John. He is doing his best Bobby D. He moved to LA a few months ago and I miss him. He still texts me bad jokes every now and again. Scranton, PA. 5/3/14

This is Rob. He sings in a rock band and directs horror films. He is one of the nicest famous people I’ve ever met. Moosic, PA. 7/13/13

This is Bob. He has been in and out of hospice for eight years. Every time time I visit him, he tells me he’ll be dead the next time I come. It’s been a year since the first time he told me that and he is still here. Clarks Summit, PA. 1/30/15

This is Lauren. She is locked out of her apartment and waiting for her mom to pick her up. Scranton, PA. 9/28/14

These are the Beautiful People of NEPA. New faces are featured on Wednesdays.