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SHELTER SUNDAY: Meet Delilah (coonhound) and Mr. Scruffles (Maine coon)

SHELTER SUNDAY: Meet Delilah (coonhound) and Mr. Scruffles (Maine coon)
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Blue Chip Farm Animal Refuge teams up with NEPA Scene every week for Shelter Sunday, a post that features one dog, one cat, and occasionally some surprises up for adoption in the hopes of finding them a loving home.

Blue Chip Farm (974 Lockville Rd., Dallas) is a no-kill shelter, a place where no animal is too old or too unwanted to find a warm bed, good food, and most of all, love. Their mission is to provide a sanctuary where older, stray, abandoned, sick, or abused animals can wait to be adopted or simply live out their lives in safety and peace.

Visiting hours are Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday, and Sunday from noon-5 p.m. Other hours are available by appointment. Call 570-333-5265 or visit for more information.



Delilah is a 7-month-old black and tan coonhound puppy available for adoption at Blue Chip Farm. She is good with other dogs and absolutely loves to play.

Delilah is a country girl at heart, and city living is not recommended. She is good with children, but is active and bouncy, so little ones beware! She is great with other dogs but will “git along” with other doggies if given the chance. Delilah would do best with a firm, consistent, patient pack leader. She is a well-mannered companion, albeit one who’s slow to mature. Expect to have a fun-loving puppy on your hands for at least three years!

At home, she’s an easygoing friend, but put her on a scent trail and she’s as serious as a heart attack. This compulsion to follow her nose means you won’t ever want to have her off leash unless you’re in an enclosed area. If you think this adorable puppy is right for you, please call 570-333-5265.

Mr. Scruffles

Mr. Scruffles is a 3-year-old orange Maine coon. Did you know some people call Maine coons the dogs of the cat world? Maine coons seek out and enjoy the company of people.

Mr. Scruffles would make a great companion, as he is friendly, playful, and affectionate. He is declawed and would do best in a quiet home with no small children or dogs.