Rich Howells

VIDEO: Watch The Bog in Scranton in animated LEGO form, then celebrate 9 years of Panked

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Every last Thursday of the month, Conor McGuigan and Brian Langan host the amazing Panked dance party at The Bog in Scranton, yet for nine years, they’ve managed to make every event fun and unique with various crazy themes and great music.

To celebrate their ninth birthday, they’ve enlisted Brooklyn electropop duo Hank & Cupcakes to bring the noise tonight at 9 p.m., and judging by their past performances at The Bog, it’s sure to be wild evening. The cover is only $5.

To advertise the festivities, Langan creates the epic poster art (seen below) while McGuigan often makes videos, such as the above LEGO video from 2009; it was their first and, quite possibly, still the best. The transformation scene, along with all the funny characters dancing at the ensuing party, really portrays the absurdity of the events perfectly. Watch the latest video for this month’s “Pank and Cupcakes,” as it’s being called, on Facebook.

For those unfamiliar with the high-energy dance beats of Hank & Cupcakes, see their latest video for “Bat Your Eyelids” here:

For more information on the party, visit the event page on Facebook.