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PHOTOS: Beautiful People of NEPA, 05/13/15

PHOTOS: Beautiful People of NEPA, 05/13/15
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These photos were taken at the Susquehanna Breakdown music festival at The Pavilion at Montage Mountain in Scranton on May 8-9, 2015.

This is Maura, who was not thrilled to have her photo taken.

This is Samantha. She was also not happy to have her photo taken.

This is Ed, and he is one of my favorite people to photograph.

The legendary Michael Stalter!

This is Lauren. Her man told me I should get my beard trimmed by her and not at Loyalty Barber Shop. I see a beef brewing.

This is Jesse. We shoot a lot of shows together.

This is Ian, a.k.a. Honeyman Lightning Sound System all-vinyl DJ.

This is Bill, the man who runs Susquehanna Breakdown. When this pic was taken, I don’t think he had slept in about a week.

These are the Beautiful People of NEPA. New faces are featured on Wednesdays.

  • bob jones

    Hey that’s Sam!

  • Leslie

    It is great to see someone stretching their legs creatively by taking black and white photos of the same hipsters that have been in Electric City for the last 10 years. No clue why Scranton can’t pick up steam and become the mecca of culture it thinks it is.

    • Here’s a clue – it probably has a lot to do with this unwarranted negative attitude about absolutely everything that anyone does in the area, typically manifesting as anonymous internet comments and Talkback 16 calls made by armchair critics who criticize rather than do anything to change whatever they can’t stop complaining about. That’s a much bigger detriment to Scranton than the people you label as “hipsters.”

      • Leslie

        The comment wasn’t about absolutely everything in this area, it is about this project. There was an entire festival filled with people and instead of branch out and be really interesting, this guy takes photos of his buddies. I’m saying that like most attempts at culture in Scranton, it falls short simply because artists and creatives only exist to entertain each other, which is and has been the same 15 people for the last 10 years. You know I’m right.

        • In this case, I don’t feel you are. If you take a look at the two previous entries in this series, particularly the last one, you’d see that there’s quite a bit of diversity of subjects, and his work overall is very good. Even if I agreed with you, I still feel that doing anything creative, no matter the motive, is better than putting others down or labeling people. There’s nothing right about that.

    • Jason Riedmiller

      Full disclosure: I was taking pictures of my friends this week. That’s who was backstage with me drinking craft beer (3 Guys and Beer’d, Rich I love plugs!) and smoking American Spirits while I sipped gin and club. I had a great time hanging out with the musicians, craftsmen, and artists I am proud to call my friends. We are a small but strong community which is growing a little bit everyday. If you would like to join it “Leslie” feel to meet us all tonight at Mert’s tonight. Also, if you want to see photos of people I don’t know feel free to view last weeks column where I walked around South Side shooting strangers. I would provide a link but I think it’s more important for you to hear the lyrics this Goats tune…