Jason Riedmiller

PHOTOS: Beautiful People of NEPA, 05/20/15

PHOTOS: Beautiful People of NEPA, 05/20/15
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Here’s a flashback to how it all began – one man who disliked Instagram, said app, and a Galaxy S4.

This is Joe, painting downtown Scranton. Scranton, PA.

This is Julianna. She is pretty happy with her chalk drawings. Scranton, PA. 7/27/13

This is Jesse. He does not actually have a black eye in this pic. Scranton, PA. 7/23/13

A family portrait. Scranton, PA.

Wiz Khalifa fans. Moosic, PA. 7/24/14

This is Brian and his mustache clock. Archbald, PA. 7/21/13

This is Jay. That is all.

This is Jenn in the Batman t-shirt I was wearing today. We went to the beach the day this was taken. Months later, she told me it was one of the best days of her life. Scranton, PA. 8/10/14

These are the Beautiful People of NEPA. New faces are featured on Wednesdays.