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NEPA SCENE PODCAST: Episode 28 – The creative community of Loyalty Barber Shop and Shave Parlor

NEPA SCENE PODCAST: Episode 28 – The creative community of Loyalty Barber Shop and Shave Parlor
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Professionally recorded every Monday at The Stude in TwentyFiveEight Studios in Scranton and released exclusively on every Tuesday, the NEPA Scene Podcast is a free supplement to the website, expanding on the arts and entertainment stories covered on the site and going beyond them to discuss other news and entertainment topics.

Each week, the unedited and uncensored podcast features Rich Howells, NEPA Scene founder and editor; Mark Dennebaum, president and owner of TwentyFiveEight Studios; Lauren Quirolgico, commercial and content strategist at Lavelle Strategy Group and editor at TwentyFiveEight; and in the control room, Jimmy Reynolds, a musician, teacher, and lead audio engineer at TwentyFiveEight. Every episode streams on iTunes, SoundCloud, Stitcher, and

Anthony Ranella III, James Simon, and Brian Nardella of Loyalty Barber Shop and Shave Parlor are our guests on Episode 28. They talk about buying the shop and expanding to a second location due to increased demand, choosing the life of a barber over very different career paths, establishing a rapport with their customers that extends beyond business, expressing creativity through traditional barbering with a modern touch, the differences between barbering and cosmetology and how work atmospheres vary, etiquette for both men and women in the shop, dealing with the “hipster” label from critics, and partnering with other independent local businesses to form a close-knit community in downtown Scranton.

In lieu of The Last Word segment, we try something new with some random rapid fire questions to close out the show.

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Photo by Mark Dennebaum/TwentyFiveEight Studios