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EXCLUSIVE: Electric City Music Conference announces full 2015 lineup of local and national acts across 8 venues

EXCLUSIVE: Electric City Music Conference announces full 2015 lineup of local and national acts across 8 venues
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We’re thrilled to exclusively announce the massive lineup for the 2015 Electric City Music Conference on Friday, Sept. 18 and Saturday, Sept. 19, and we must admit – we’re very impressed.

With two full nights of music by over 75 local and national acts spread across eight venues, how could we not be? To say that there’s something for everyone is an understatement.

“We’re very excited to have been able to inject the level of national talent into the lineup this year as we have. American Opera; You, Me, and Everyone We Know; Northern Faces; and Endwell are all talented and nationally sought-after bands,” co-organizer Joe Caviston told NEPA Scene.

“The addition of two reunions, Awkward Silence and Putrefied Flesh, offer a unique opportunity to bring fans back into the music scene that may not regularly attend shows anymore.”

The venues for this year’s conference are The V-Spot; The Keys; Thirst T’s Bar & Grill; Lyrics 18407 Bar, Cafe & Music Venue; Duffy’s Coffee House; the New Penny Lounge; the Irish Wolf Pub; and The Bog, giving music fans all across the Scranton area an opportunity to see great performances no matter where they’re hanging out that weekend.

“As always, we wouldn’t be able to do this without the amazing support of all the bands, the music scene, and especially the venues who allow bands to perform original music in their rooms,” Caviston added.

The V-Spot – Friday, Sept. 18
(906 Providence Rd., Scranton)

7 p.m.: Peter Kenna D
8 p.m.: Bottle Rocket
9 p.m.: Dreamers, Like Us
10 p.m.: Northern Faces (Equal Vision Records)
11 p.m.: Graces Downfall
12 a.m.: NeverWake
1 a.m.: Through These Walls

Saturday, Sept. 19

6 p.m.: Deaf Rhino
7 p.m.: For Ages
8 p.m.: Russello Project
9 p.m.: Putrefied Flesh (reunion show)
10 p.m.: Endwell (Mediaskare Records)
11 p.m.: Behind the Grey
12 a.m.: Lions Among Us
1 a.m.: TBA

The Keys – Friday, Sept. 18
(244 Penn Ave., Scranton)

7 p.m.: The Weekenders
8 p.m.: Mock Sun
9 p.m.: Heart Out
10 p.m.: You, Me, and Everyone We Know (South By Sea Records)
11 p.m.: A Social State
12 a.m.: Young at Heart

Saturday, Sept. 19

6 p.m.: Old Charades
7 p.m.: Clever Clever
8 p.m.: Esta Coda
9 p.m.: American Opera
10 p.m.: Family Animals
11 p.m.: Polly Anna
12 a.m.: TBA

Thirst T’s – Friday, Sept. 18
(120 Lincoln St., Olyphant)

7 p.m.: Blinded Passenger
8 p.m.: Jenn Johnson
9 p.m.: Down to Six
10 p.m.: Sucker
11 p.m.: The SouthSide Bandits
12 a.m.: ADO Band
1 a.m.: TBA

Saturday, Sept. 19

6 p.m.: Station
7 p.m.: Dustin Douglas & the Electric Gentlemen
8 p.m.: Destination West
9 p.m.: Coming Up Roses
10 p.m.: Zayre Mountain
11 p.m.: Alicia Lynn and Jody Busche Duo
12 a.m.: TBA
1 a.m.: TBA

Lyrics 18407 – Friday, Sept. 18
(76 S. Main St., Carbondale)

7 p.m.: Home Movies
8 p.m.: Send Request
9 p.m.: In Writing
10 p.m.: Static in the Attic
11 p.m.: Moral Code
12 a.m.: TBA

Saturday, Sept. 19

6 p.m.: The Revolution
7 p.m.: Kanvis (Kevin Parker)
8 p.m.: Reject Royalty
9 p.m.: Ervasa
10 p.m.: E57
11 p.m.: Edelweiss
12 a.m.: TBA

Duffy’s Coffee House – Friday, Sept. 18
(312 S. State St., Clarks Summit)

6 p.m.: Patrick McGlynn
7 p.m.: Alex Marino
8 p.m.: Mat Burke
9 p.m.: James Burke

Saturday, Sept. 19

5 p.m.: TBA
6 p.m.: Fiddy Shades
7 p.m.: Montgomery Streets
8 p.m.: Skip Monday
9 p.m.: Your Pal Frank

New Penny – Friday, Sept. 18
(1827 N. Main Ave., Scranton)

7 p.m.: TBA
8 p.m.: Drew Breeze
9 p.m.: Deekay
10 p.m.: CrimZn and Talia
11 p.m.: Mercy Gang
12 a.m.: TBA
1 a.m.: TBA

Saturday, Sept. 19

6 p.m.: TBA
7 p.m.: Silhouette Lies
8 p.m.: StandOFF!
9 p.m.: Death Grip
10 p.m.: Earthmouth
11 p.m.: Foul Taste
12 a.m.: TBA
1 a.m.: TBA

Irish Wolf Pub – Saturday, Sept. 19
(503 Linden St., Scranton)

7 p.m.: Grant Williams
8 p.m.: Paloma Blanco
9 p.m.: Katie Evans
10 p.m.: Eye on Attraction
11 p.m.: Condition Oakland
12 a.m.: TBA
1 a.m.: TBA

The Bog – Saturday, Sept. 19
(341 Adams Ave., Scranton)

7 p.m.: Everything Turned to Color
8 p.m.: SUZE
9 p.m.: Awkward Silence (reunion show)
10:30 p.m.: Rogue Chimp
12 a.m.: TBA