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HOW TO PAIR BEER WITH EVERYTHING: Citra Ass Down by Against the Grain Brewery

HOW TO PAIR BEER WITH EVERYTHING: Citra Ass Down by Against the Grain Brewery
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Beer: Citra Ass Down

Brewer: Against the Grain Brewery

Style: American IPA

ABV: 8.00%

Description: Citra Ass Down pours a deep golden amber hue with a bright white frothy head that leaves a thick layer of lacing on the glass. The aroma is filled with hops in the tropical and citrus fruit family, backed by semi-sweet malts. The taste follows the nose with strong, assertive hop bittering up front, with a huge punch of grapefruit, orange, and lemon being the most dominate, followed by hints of pine and an incredibly smooth malt bill with a lightly sweet caramel flavor. The medium body and moderate carbonation act as the perfect vessel to deliver the wonderful hop flavors and enable the beer to leave a long, dry finish.

While IPAs are everywhere, when a good one is found, it is always worth seeking out again, and Citra Ass Down is worth hunting down!

Ideal setting: Citra Ass Down is a beer that is infinitely crushable despite its higher ABV. This is the perfect beer to enjoy with friends during a bottle share or while having a get-together anywhere. Bottom line – buy this beer in bulk to share with good friends!

Ideal music: IPAs with wonderful aromatics and strong bittering qualities like Citra Ass Down will not only make for a great drinking experience, but the beer also acts as a mild stimulant. The wonderful hop punch will enliven even the most tired of souls. The best pairing is with music that is equally enlivening, and there isn’t any music better to excite you than punk or hardcore tunes.

Some great albums to enjoy with Citra Ass Down are:

  • The Bouncing Souls – “How I Spent My Summer Vacation”
  • Hatebreed – “Perseverance”
  • Turmoil – “The Process of”
  • Shai Hulud – “Misanthropy Pure”
  • Poison the Well – “The Opposite of December”
  • Refused – “The Shape of Punk to Come”

Ideal movie: After enjoying this beer, it may be a bit difficult to sit down and watch a movie, so something that is action-packed will make the best pairing. It will allow the brain to wander and the body to sit still and enjoy all the flavor packed into this delicious beer.

Some great films to watch while enjoying Citra Ass Down are:

  • “Die Hard”
  • “Rambo”
  • “Predator”
  • “Mad Max 2: The Road Warrior”
  • “The Rock”
  • “Captain America: The Winter Soldier”

Ideal book: Sometimes, curling up with a good action-oriented book is even better than watching an action film. After all, the characters in the book don’t always match who we see on screen. However, when we allow our minds to open and read great action novels, especially while drinking a delicious beer like Citra Ass Down, the experience is not only enjoyable, but extremely rewarding.

Some great books to read with Citra Ass Down are:

  • “Ready Player One” by Ernest Cline
  • “First Blood” by David Morrell
  • “Dog Soldiers” by Robert Stone
  • “Deliverance” by James Dickey
  • “Point of Impact” by Stephen Hunter

The perfect experience: Citra Ass Down is best when enjoyed with good friends to make a memorable experience. It is one of those rare beers that, no matter the setting, as long as you are sharing it with friends, it will always be the perfect experience.

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