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HOW TO PAIR BEER WITH EVERYTHING: Pivo Pils by Firestone Walker Brewing Company

HOW TO PAIR BEER WITH EVERYTHING: Pivo Pils by Firestone Walker Brewing Company
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Beer: Pivo Pils

Brewer: Firestone Walker Brewing Company

Style: German Pilsner

ABV: 5.30%

Description: Pivo Pils pours a golden straw color with a bright white fluffy head that remains for quite some time and leaves behind a beautiful lacing on the glass. The aroma is full of hops up front of the spicy noble variety and is backed by hints of straw and wet hay – the mark of a truly great pilsner! The taste follows the nose with a subtle spicy hop bite up front with notes of pepper and lemon, followed by very skillfully roasted malts that provide the perfect bed for the subtle showcase of hops in this world-class beer. The moderate carbonation and light body make this one of the best pilsners available today.

The finish is perfectly dry, crisp, and clean and has all the characteristics that those who love great pilsners have come to expect. The characteristics of this beer make it great to have year-round and may make you think twice about making the switch to all dark beer during the winter. Pivo Pils is a must-try beer for fans of any beer style!

Ideal setting: Pivo Pils is the perfect beer to have on hand during a pool party or to enjoy while out with friends at your favorite bar. The crisp and light characteristics make this a great go-to beer for any night without any worry of palate fatigue, and the 5.3 percent ABV also makes for quite a sessionable beer!

Ideal music: The combination of crisp pilsner with moderate hops makes this a beer that will make you reminisce about the glory days of college, but with a twist because this pilsner doesn’t taste like water! The perfect music to enjoy with Pivo Pils is something that will make you want to move and dance your cares away.

Some great albums to enjoy with Pivo Pils are:

Ideal movie: The pilsner style is one that has been unfortunately corrupted by large breweries, and the style is often viewed as the pale yellow fizzy stuff that comes in a can. However, Pivo Pils is far removed from that and is full-flavored and highly enjoyable. The perfect type of film that goes with this beer, though, is a bit more open to interpretation, but films with a great western flare and grit make for very enjoyable viewing!

Some great films to watch while enjoying Pivo Pils are:

Ideal book: The lower ABV makes this the perfect beer to enjoy while reading a good book. Pivo Pils is a beer that is more complex than one might expect from a pilsner, which makes this a beer to have on hand while reading about your favorite beverage – beer! There is an endless array of great books available about beers and breweries currently available.

Some great books to read with Pivo Pils are:

The perfect experience: Pivo Pils is the perfect beer to enjoy with friends and family during the summer months. The light and refreshing characteristics are complex enough for the most jaded of craft beer lovers, while still being a beer that many who are novices to craft beer can also enjoy. A night out surrounded by friends and family is the absolute best way to enjoy this world-class beer! Pivo Pils also recently became available in cans, making it a great beer to take on any upcoming camping trips as well!

EDITOR’S NOTE: This beer was featured back in November, but with it being a great summer beer that has just recently been released in cans, Derek wanted to put this one back in the spotlight. For more summer beers, listen to the latest episode of the How to Pair with Everything Podcast, available now on iTunes, SoundCloud, Stitcher, and!

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