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PHOTOS: Beautiful People of NEPA, 09/16/15

PHOTOS: Beautiful People of NEPA, 09/16/15
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This is Shawn. He is my downstairs neighbor and a 49ers fan. I am a Vikings fan. He is not my favorite person today. Scranton, PA. 9/15/15

This is Jim. He did not speak a word of English, but we communicated quite well without understanding each other’s words. Scranton, PA. 9/15/15

This is Mei Ling and (John) Nguyen. They made my dinner tonight. Scranton, PA. 9/15/15

This is (John) Nguyen. He works at Hot Wok, which serve some pretty killer General Tso’s tofu. I never realized it before today, but there are three ethnic restaurants and four markets within two blocks of my apartment. Oh, and a bar. I’m not sure why I ever leave my hood. Scranton, PA. 9/15/15

This is Brian. Due to the overwhelming amount of work I have been putting into Beards of Scranton, the Beautiful People column will not be coming out on schedule for the next two months. It will be published as I am able to get it done. The Beards of Scranton is a charity calendar supporting the Catherine McAuley Center, which I feel is a very worthy cause. You will be learning a lot more about the calendar in the near future right here on NEPA Scene. Thank you for understanding and supporting my art and NEPA Scene.



These are the Beautiful People of NEPA. New faces are featured on Wednesdays.