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STRENGTH & FOCUS: 5 tips to overcome overwhelm

STRENGTH & FOCUS: 5 tips to overcome overwhelm
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Wow! The last few weeks have been a powerful and extremely productive experience. My colleague Larunce Pipkin flew in from Austin, Texas to hang out in Northeastern Pennsylvania for a few great events. We were both featured presenters at the NEPA Yoga Festival, which was hosted by Nearme Yoga and took place on Saturday, Sept. 12 at Montage Mountain. Then on Monday, Sept. 14, Larunce and I hosted our seminar “Vortex Mastermind: Programming Your Mind for Your Success” at the Greater Scranton Chamber of Commerce.

For this week’s column, I asked Larunce to offer a few tips to help overcome overwhelm, which was his topic at the NEPA Yoga Festival and something we also covered at the Vortex Mastermind seminar.

Watch this video to learn five easy tips to overcome overwhelm by Larunce Pipkin:

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Thanks and be excellent!

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