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SHELTER SUNDAY: Meet Bobo (beagle mix) and Andy (white cat)

SHELTER SUNDAY: Meet Bobo (beagle mix) and Andy (white cat)
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Blue Chip Farm Animal Refuge teams up with NEPA Scene every week for Shelter Sunday, a post that features dogs, cats, and occasionally some surprises up for adoption in the hopes of finding them a loving home.

Blue Chip Farm (974 Lockville Rd., Dallas) is a no-kill shelter, a place where no animal is too old or too unwanted to find a warm bed, good food, and most of all, love. Their mission is to provide a sanctuary where older, stray, abandoned, sick, or abused animals can wait to be adopted or simply live out their lives in safety and peace.

Visiting hours are Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday, and Sunday from noon-5 p.m. Other hours are available by appointment. Call 570-333-5265 or visit for more information.



Bobo is a handsome 5-7-year-old beagle mix. Doesn’t his soulful expression say it all?

Bobo is friendly with people, loves exercise, play, and all outdoor activities. He is good-natured, independent, and typical to the breed, following his nose wherever that fascinating smell takes him.

When Bobo first came to the shelter, we weren’t sure how he was around other dogs. This video of him playing pretty much says it all…

His adoption fee is $150.


Meet Andy!

This handsome fellow is 4 years old, and due to a genetic defect, he was born deaf and blind in one eye. But, for the most part, he is just like any other cat. He is very alert and aware of his surroundings. With the right family, Andy should have a normal quality of life; he copes with his hearing and vision loss by using his other senses.

The most important thing to remember with Andy is that he is deaf. This may seem obvious, but you have a special responsibility if you adopt Andy. Don’t forget; he can’t hear traffic or car horns or other danger signals, so you will need to be extra cautious with him. It is important not to startle him, so a quiet home with a loving caretaker is most important. With a little thought, consideration, and training, Andy can lead a normal, long, rich, and happy life.