Jamie Nelson and Jim Loomis

NEPA GAMING CHALLENGE: ‘Super Smash Bros.’ fiery face-off with ghost pepper hot wings

NEPA GAMING CHALLENGE: ‘Super Smash Bros.’ fiery face-off with ghost pepper hot wings
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Jamie Nelson, proprietor of 1Up Games in Forty Fort and lifelong video game collector, and Jim Loomis, founder of Go Left! Records in Edwardsville, are turning the “Let’s Play” video concept on its head! Part vlog, part “Jackass,” and part “Impractical Jokers,” these two friends with a passion for gaming and craft beer are putting their skills, egos, and humility on the line each week as they challenge each other – and possibly a few guests – to contests of ability and hand-eye coordination in various video games across different consoles, enjoying some libations along the way. Will their skills increase or decrease in their lust for power? Who knows? Who cares? They certainly don’t – it was their idea!

The catch is that the loser of each battle must be punished! The punishment will be agreed upon by the combatants themselves and vary each week – and they will not go easy on each other. The follow-up video will be posted on Thursdays so further enjoyment can be garnered from their humiliation.

To the victor go the spoils (while the defeated loses their dignity) in the NEPA Gaming Challenge!

In Episode 4, Jamie and Jim battle it out in the latest installment of the classic Nintendo series “Super Smash Bros.” for the Wii U! In this heated mêlée, the loser must endure even more heat by smashing down 12 of Buffalo Wild Wings’ hottest wings on the menu, the “Reformulated Blazin’,” made with the unrelenting heat of the ghost pepper! Not only do they have to eat a dozen of the hottest wings around, but it has to be done without blue cheese or beverage of any kind within six minutes! Tune in on Thursday and watch the loser sweat it out in the hottest punishment yet!

Jamie endures untold torture in this painfully hot punishment as he attempts to complete the Buffalo Wild Wings Blazin’ Challenge: eat a dozen of the hottest wings available in six minutes or less to with no blue cheese or beverages in order to make amends for his “Super Smash Bros.” loss!

Will the heat be too much for him to handle, or will Jamie turn this loss into a victory?

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