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BEER BOYS – 16 YEARS, 16 BEERS REVIEW: Blushing Monk by Founders Brewing Company

BEER BOYS – 16 YEARS, 16 BEERS REVIEW: Blushing Monk by Founders Brewing Company
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Beer Boys, the Wilkes-Barre bar and restaurant that features the area’s largest draft selection with 72 beers on tap, will be celebrating 16 years in business with 16 highly sought-after beers on tap by Founders Brewing Company on Sunday, Jan. 24, starting at 2 p.m. Every day for the next 16 days, we’ll be revealing each beer that will be available and reviewing them all leading up to the event!

Beer: Blushing Monk

Brewery: Founders Brewing Company

Style: Fruit beer

ABV: 9.20%

Previously released in July of 2011, Blushing Monk hasn’t been available since, but Founders is bringing it back this March to mark the 12th installment in its Backstage Series for a limited time. Beer Boys, however, has answered some prayers and will have it ready to pour over a month in advance.

Brewing with a Belgian yeast strain that differs from all of the brewery’s other beers, Blushing Monk lives up to its name with a dark red color with a light pink head. The smell of raspberries wafts from the glass, and the berries in this creamy mouthfeel are naturally sweet, with a strong tartness that will make your lips smack for a fruity dessert or cheesecake.

This is a dessert beer that can hide its higher ABV well, though it may be too sweet for some. After a nice dinner or a heavy liquid meal, this may be the perfect brew to top off the night.

Beers will be available to sample individually in a five-ounce glass, build a paddle of four five-ounce samples, or as individual pints. Prices will vary.

For more information on Beer Boys’ 16th anniversary party (176 N. Washington St., Wilkes-Barre), see the Facebook event page.

This post is sponsored by Beer Boys in Wilkes-Barre. Opinions are our own. Support local.