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BEER BOYS – 16 YEARS, 16 BEERS REVIEW: Dark Penance by Founders Brewing Company

BEER BOYS – 16 YEARS, 16 BEERS REVIEW: Dark Penance by Founders Brewing Company
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Beer Boys, the Wilkes-Barre bar and restaurant that features the area’s largest draft selection with 72 beers on tap, will be celebrating 16 years in business with 16 highly sought-after beers on tap by Founders Brewing Company on Sunday, Jan. 24, starting at 2 p.m. Every day for the next 16 days, we’ll be revealing each beer that will be available and reviewing them all leading up to the event!

Beer: Dark Penance

Brewery: Founders Brewing Company

Style: Imperial Black IPA

ABV: 8.90%

IBU: 100

Dark Penance, which seems more like a supervillain name than a beer, pours as pitch black as it sounds with a tan head, smelling of roasted malts, earthy hops, chocolate, and coffee. In the medium mouthfeel, the chocolatey expresso taste accents the heavy hop bitterness and alcohol heat, and just when you think its heart is nothing but black, this scoundrel surprises with some sweet citrus fruits and pine that proves it has a lighter side as well.

There is caramel and toffee in the dry finish with a just a hint of smoke, vanishing into the darkness from whence it came. Like a well-developed antagonist, Dark Penance has many deviating layers to keep the night interesting.

Beers will be available to sample individually in a five-ounce glass, build a paddle of four five-ounce samples, or as individual pints. Prices will vary.

For more information on Beer Boys’ 16th anniversary party (176 N. Washington St., Wilkes-Barre), see the Facebook event page.

This post is sponsored by Beer Boys in Wilkes-Barre. Opinions are our own. Support local.