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7 NEPA pizzerias featured in new book about the world’s best pizza

7 NEPA pizzerias featured in new book about the world’s best pizza
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Anyone from Northeastern Pennsylvania can tell you that the pizza made here is special. From Old Forge claiming to be the “Pizza Capital of the World” to a recent study declaring Scranton the pizza capital of the country due to its high density of pizzerias to an upcoming documentary about local pizza called “Tray,” the word has spread about the area’s unique take on Italy’s doughy dish – all the way to London, in fact.

British publisher Phaidon Press is releasing a new book called “Where to Eat Pizza: The Experts’ Guide to the Best Pizza Places in the World” on April 25, and within those 576 pages are several restaurants from NEPA thanks to NEPA Pizza Review.

According to an article posted on March 18, the owner of the blog was contacted by Phaidon and was asked to help them find “a variety of the best pizzerias in the area,” asking for his own opinions and for him to assemble a team of local pizza critics to decide which places served the best pies (or, in this case, trays) and why.

Ultimately, seven area businesses made it into print: Rosario’s Pizzeria & Ristorante in Clarks Summit, Arcaro & Genell Restaurant in Old Forge, Basilico’s Pizzeria in Dickson City, Pizza L’Oven in Exeter, Sabatini’s Pizza in Exeter, Grotto Pizza in Harvey’s Lake, and Armenti’s Pizzeria in Olyphant.

The book consulted “over 1,000 food experts and aficionados from around the world,” the publisher says, to “reveal their insider tips on finding a perfect slice of pizza” and features more than 1,700 restaurants.

Phaidon previously published “Where Chefs Eat: A Guide to Chefs’ Favorite Restaurants,” and the author of “Where to Eat Pizza,” Daniel Young, is the food critic behind who “established himself as a pizza authority” as a restaurant critic for the New York Daily News. Named Online Writer of the Year at the Fortnum & Mason Food & Drink Awards, Young has written about food for the New York Times, the Los Angeles Times, and the Guardian and authored eight books.

Aside from reviews and recommendations, “Where to Eat Pizza” also includes pizza facts, tips on how to eat it, maps showing where to find it, information on secret ingredients, pizza box artwork, and more.

This bible for pizza lovers can be pre-ordered now from Amazon.

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  • Irish856

    Where is Sal’s in Forty Fort?… That by far is better then Grotto… Now that Grotto is a chain it has lost it’s flavor in favor of profits.

    • Steve51

      On Wyoming Avenue not far from Dennison

    • Crook_Hater

      Wyoming Ave and Hughes Street.

      • Irish856

        LOL…sorry… I knew the location
        I was wondering where Sal’s was on the list

  • Steve51

    I would add Colarusso’s in Avoca and Dough Company on Kidder Street in Wilkes Barre

    • Mormon Nailer

      Dough Company was one of the worst restaurant experiences I’ve ever had.

    • Laura Gearhart

      I agree with Colarusso’s and what about Green Ridge Pizza I love their’s I come from Delaware to visit and first I stop for pizza

  • nepa_independent

    I lived for several years at Harvey’s Lake. The Grotto Pizza there is the worst. Don’t waste your money. If they didn’t have live entertainment on the weekends no one would go there I’m sure.

  • anniefrannie

    Andy’s in Peckville. Yes, it’s not your stereotypical NY pizza. Unless you approach it with no preconceptions, it’s an acquired taste. But once you acquire it, you keep going back.

  • DKveragas

    Grotto Pizza SUCKS! It’s like cardboard with tomato soup on top.
    Where is Pizza by Pappas? I love Pappas.

  • Don1

    Of course eveyone has their favorite, but Grotto?? For real?? It is by far the WORST. Apparently they never had Serpico in Wilkes-Barre.

  • Carmella Obst

    Victory Pig in Wyoming!!! My all-time favorite!

  • EastEndDefender

    Ruby’s in the Hanover section of Nanticoke is better than six on that list.

  • marisagram

    I find that it depends on who is actually making the pizza on the day I go. Generally, I find that Pizza Loven in Exeter is almost the same aby day I order it – great.

  • ChuckieK

    How could they not include Andy’s Pizza in Peckville? Definitely one of the best in the Valley.

  • ebm120

    What about Cebula’s in Dupont! Some of the best & unique pizza around.

  • Malick Darian White

    I cannot believe Pizza Loven made it but Victory Pig did not! That’s just ridiculous!

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