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‘Concert for Katchmore’ benefits Behind the Grey singer battling cancer at V-Spot in Scranton on June 11

‘Concert for Katchmore’ benefits Behind the Grey singer battling cancer at V-Spot in Scranton on June 11
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Scranton metal band Behind the Grey has built a dedicated following over the last few years through their acclaimed debut album, “Through the Grip of Tyrants,” unwavering support of the local music scene, and consistent schedule of intense live shows, so when they started canceling recent appearances, fans knew something was amiss.

Last week, the band revealed that vocalist Eric Katchmore was diagnosed with late stage lymphatic cancer and had kept his illness a secret from the public until his condition worsened, posting the following heartbreaking explanation on Facebook:

We posted on our Facebook page that we would release a statement as to why we are dropping off our current shows and not updating our booking schedule.

Almost 2 years ago Eric came to us and told us he was diagnosed with late stage lymphatic cancer. As he went for treatment and continued his daily fight he asked us to keep his illness a secret. For anyone who knows Eric off stage, he is a very private person. He never wanted anyones pity or charity. He never wanted his sickness to become a gimmick. He only wanted people to like our music because they truly enjoy it.

We pushed forward with the single goal of helping our brother accomplish his goals. We wrote, recorded and released our album. We traveled and played as many shows as we could with the hopeful goal of landing a tour.

In the last month Eric’s health condition has greatly declined. He is no longer physically able to endure a regular shows schedule, tour or even rehearsals.

As his bandmates and brothers to watch Eric physically and emotionally push himself though the every day pain to play music is both been inspiring and heartbreaking. No one wants to see someone they consider family suffer or push them selves to a breaking point. The 5 of knew this day would eventually come, but no matter how much we mentally prepared of it, it still difficult to hold together.

With all of that said we will do what the 5 of us have always done and stand together. Not just as bandmates but brothers. We will be standing by our brother, his wife and step daughter during this incredibly difficult time. Giving not only our support but anything else we can offer his family.

Eric has told us he wishes for us to continue on, but we will cross that bridge when we get to it. This is by no means the end of Behind the Grey, but yet another moment in our history book.

Thanks you all for your support and understanding.
-Will, Dan, Mike, Steve & Eric

Now, the group has organized a 21+ benefit for their singer called “A Concert for Katchmore” at The V-Spot (906 Providence Rd., Scranton) on Saturday, June 11, where they will play two sets with a series of guest singers, including Johnny Jones from Ashfall, Dom Vito from Judas Fled South, Kenneth Norton from Graces Downfall, Nick Necro from The Curse of Sorrow, Kristin Itnyre from The Fallen, Nick Van Wagenen and Rafael Pimentel from Silhouette Lies, Jay Green from Falling from Eden, and David Gascon from Violence in Vanity.

Special guests Violence in Vanity will also perform. Doors open at 9 p.m., and admission is $5.

Behind the Grey promises raffles and “other awesome surprises” – the local scene promises a packed house that night.

For more information, visit the Facebook event page.

Photo by Ken Jones Imagery