Rich Howells

VIDEO: New trailer released for ‘The Barre,’ a crime drama series based in Wilkes-Barre

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With filming wrapped up earlier this year, a new trailer for “The Barre,” a crime drama series set and produced in Wilkes-Barre, has been released online.

Premiering last night at a live event at the Passion Lounge in Wilkes-Barre, the trailer shows a glimpse into the gritty story of gangsters, drugs, and violence that will unfold over a planned series of six episodes. A description of the show on its Facebook page says:

Amber is abused by her longtime boyfriend and ends up at the end of her ropes. With nothing left to live for, she gets the aid of Staxx, a local hustler who shows her the ins and outs of the drug game. With competition on their backs and a dirty detective getting closer to putting the pieces together, Amber realizes she’s playing a deadly game where few make it out alive.

“The Barre” was recently added as an official selection of the Hip Hop Film Festival in New York City, and its official website,, is set to launch this month with more details about the show.

Created by Terrell Bobbett and written by Tetro Augury, the series does not have an official release date yet, as the crew is currently seeking distribution.

Watch the new trailer above and the shorter teaser trailer from last June below: