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Take a ‘Slow Ride’ to see Foghat and Blackfoot at Penn’s Peak in Jim Thorpe on Dec. 3

Take a ‘Slow Ride’ to see Foghat and Blackfoot at Penn’s Peak in Jim Thorpe on Dec. 3
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From a press release:

Penn’s Peak in Jim Thorpe has announced that classic boogie rock band Foghat will perform with Southern rock band Blackfoot on Saturday, Dec. 3 at 8 p.m.

Tickets, which are $30 in advance or $35 the day of the show, are on sale now at all Ticketmaster outlets, the Penn’s Peak box office (325 Maury Rd., Jim Thorpe), and Roadies Restaurant and Bar (325 Maury Rd., Jim Thorpe). Penn’s Peak box office and Roadies Restaurant ticket sales are walk-up only; no phone orders.

Foghat’s live performances show why the band is still around today and why they will be able to keep on rocking as long as they want. This band truly is timeless. Constant touring is part of their DNA, and the band just loves to play. Their live show is as intense as ever with the incredible energy and musicianship that one would expect and hope for from a seasoned band with such a long musical history, and they are bringing their fans along for the ride. They released a new album this year called “Under the Influence,” which they had a terrific time recording with some special guests and old friends.

Foghat fans are everywhere and, these days, their audience consists of all ages. From the young kids who played “Guitar Hero III” and know all of the lyrics to “Slow Ride” to the “Dazed & Confused” generation of 30-40 somethings and the boomers who bought Foghat’s first vinyl or 8-track. Looking out at the audience and seeing all of the generations rockin’ to Foghat is very gratifying to the band. According to lead singer Charlie Huhn, “the band just wants to make sure that after every show, they are all convinced that they just got rocked, from the second we start the first song to the end of the show.”

Formed in 1971 when Lonesome Dave Peverett and Roger Earl left the British blues rock band Savoy Brown, Foghat has earned eight gold records, one platinum record, and one double platinum record. And they continue to release new music every few years. They have never stopped touring and recording, although there have been several ups and downs and changes over the years. They sadly lost Peverett in 2000 and Rod Price in 2005, but Roger Earl kept banging and kicking to keep Foghat’s musical legacy going.

According to a recent review, “the ’70s called… but there is no way in hell we are giving Foghat back to them. The iconic band from the past is rocking just as hard as they did decades ago, if not more! Foghat’s thunderous blend of blues, boogie, and butt-kickin’ rock ‘n’ roll are shaking walls and fans everywhere. There is so much talent in this band it is ridiculous. Lead vocalist/rhythm guitarist Charlie Huhn played with Ted Nugent, Gary Moore, and Humble Pie, and lead/slide guitarist Bryan Bassett played with Wild Cherry and Molly Hatchet. Bass player Craig Macgregor has been with the band since the ’70s, and on drums was the man we have to thank for keeping Foghat going… founding member Roger Earl, who dazzled everyone with his wicked drum solo.”

If Foghat had only given us “Slow Ride,” the band’s place in rock history would be secure, but they’re so much more than that. As stated by Roger Earl, “We are still a ‘work in progress,’ writing and recording, and plan to be until the day we depart this Earth!”

If there’s one thing Rickey Medlocke can’t do, it’s sit still. The Blackfoot co-founder and Lynyrd Skynyrd guitarist is constantly looking for ways to challenge his creative impulses, and his latest pet project has been to shepherd the next-generation incarnation of his beloved Blackfoot.

Under Medlocke’s steady guidance, the Florida-based foursome – lead guitarist/vocalist Tim Rossi, guitarist/vocalist Rick Krasowski, bassist Brian Carpenter, and drummer Matt Anastasi – has been jamming together live under the vaunted Blackfoot banner for quite some time, and now they’ve just released a hard-charging new album on Loud & Proud Records, “Southern Native,” that beautifully meshes traditional tones with modern sensibilities.