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Recurring ‘Gilmore Girls’ character lives in Scranton in new Netflix series ‘A Year in the Life’

Recurring ‘Gilmore Girls’ character lives in Scranton in new Netflix series ‘A Year in the Life’
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Since the popular television series “Gilmore Girls” ended after seven seasons, fans have been wondering what their favorite residents of the fictional Connecticut town of Stars Hollow have been up to since 2007. Netflix has answered that question with “Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life,” a new miniseries released last Friday, Nov. 25 that brings the original cast back for four episodes spanning about six hours.

Each episode follows Lorelai (Lauren Graham) and Rory Gilmore (Alexis Bledel) through the four seasons of the past year and, along the way, viewers run into almost every member of the lovable and quirky supporting cast they’ve missed for the past nine years. Many of these characters are reduced to cameos due to time and scheduling constraints, however, particularly Dean Forester (Jared Padalecki), Rory’s first love who some fans wish she would have ended up with. There are minor spoilers ahead, as this short five-minute scene has little effect on the overall plot.

It has been years since they have seen each other when Rory runs into Dean at the grocery store in “A Year in the Life’s” final episode, “Fall.” Dean has moved to Scranton and is just in town visiting his parents for the weekend. He updates Rory on his three kids and his second wife, Jenny, before revealing that he has another one on the way.

“She’s pregnant,” Dean says.

“Again?” Rory asks.

“It’s really boring in Scranton,” Dean quips in reply.

While we respectfully disagree with Dean, as we have trouble keeping up with all there is to do in Scranton, it’s interesting that the Electric City got a brief shout-out in this highly anticipated new series. Maybe creator/writer/executive producer Amy Sherman-Palladino is a fan of “The Office?”

Rory asks for Dean’s permission to include him in the book she is working on, which he eventually grants after she describes how she will remember him, and then she holds up a box of cornstarch as he leaves, a bittersweet reference to when they first kissed and she accidentally shoplifted the cornstarch back in Season 1:

Padalecki briefly discusses returning to the role, along with several other actors, in a behind-the-scenes video Netflix released last month: