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Pottsville hard rock band Crobot creating epic sci-fi comics based on their music with fans’ help

Pottsville hard rock band Crobot creating epic sci-fi comics based on their music with fans’ help
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Pottsville heavy groove rockers Crobot have always been a very visual band, from their 1960s-inspired look that pairs with their sound to their striking album and merch artwork to the trippy visualizers they made to go along with their music, and sci-fi stories are embedded in many of their lyrics, so it’s no surprise that their epic tunes are now being turned into comic books.

Vocalist Brandon Yeagley has teamed up with artist Sean Stramara to form an independent comic publishing company, Pro Hobo Comics, to release a “Legend of the Spaceborne Killer” graphic novel, based on Crobot’s debut single of the same name. Colorist Brittany Pezzillo and letterer Josh Sloniker are also slated to help bring the eponymous alien to life.

To help with its production, they’re using crowdfunding website PledgeMusic to directly involve fans (who the band refers to as “beardos”) by offering different editions and signed copies of the first issue, prints and original pages of the artwork, t-shirts, the opportunity to be drawn as an extra in the second issue, and even a shopping trip for comics or vinyl with Yeagley.

Launched just last week, the campaign reached almost 20 percent of its goal in the first day and has 60 pledgers as of now, with 55 days left.

“What started as a barroom conversation with comic book artist and Kubert School of Comics teacher Sean Stramara, ‘Legend of the Spaceborne Killer’ has reared its bearded head into existence,” Yeagley told Loudwire.

“We wanted to give the most avid beardos a glimpse at the underlying stories of their favorite Crobot tunes for the ultimate fan experience in comic form. Will we finally find out what he has in his hand?”

The first volume, which will span six or seven issues, fleshes out the story told in Crobot’s first album, “Something Supernatural,” with characters like The Necromancer and The Queen of the Light

Those who support the project will get a sneak peek at sketches, storyboards, and other behind-the-scenes tidbits, along with a digital download of the comic once it’s ready. Glimpses of the colorful artwork can be seen in the video below…

…as well as on the comic’s own Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram pages throughout its various stages of development.

Some incentives are already selling out, so if you’re planning to pledge, now may be a good time because who wants to miss a space odyssey involving magic, eye patch-wearing badasses, tacos, celestial beings, and biomechanical apes? We sure don’t!

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