Rich Howells

VIDEO: Watch PeeWee the pig paint a masterpiece at The Marketplace at Steamtown in Scranton

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It was Santa’s pet photo day and rescue pet expo at The Marketplace at Steamtown in downtown Scranton on Sunday, Dec. 11, so we expected to see dogs, cats, and maybe a few reptiles, but a huge pig painting pictures? That’s a new one.

We cover all types of artists on NEPA Scene, but PeeWee Super Pig, as he is called by Billy’s New Hope Barn, is certainly in a league of his own. The nonprofit sanctuary houses and cares for abused, neglected, or abandoned farm animals at its 6,000 square foot barn and 160 acres in Honesdale, and PeeWee helps out by creating one-of-a-kind paintings with his snout for $10 each. Since we’re such animal lovers (as our Shelter Sundays can attest), we couldn’t resist making a donation to watch him work while wearing his festive mistletoe headband. That’s some pig.

A few dabs of paint and glitter are placed on a canvas and covered over with a protective plastic. Then some applesauce is spread over it and PeeWee goes to work cleaning it up, moving the paint around in the process as his tail happily swings back and forth. About four minutes later, we have a mini masterpiece. Here’s the finished painting in all its glory, though we’re not sure if we hung it the right way:

That’ll do, pig. That’ll do.

Later, he posed for a photo with Tracey’s Hope, another nonprofit that provides hospice care for pets that are disabled, elderly, or terminally ill in Duryea. His creative juices were flowing, though, and he clearly wanted to get back to work:

To donate to Billy’s New Hope Barn and help pay for feed, bedding, and veterinary care for the 43 animals they’ve currently rescued, see the fundraising campaign on their Facebook page. To learn more about this volunteer organization and find out where PeeWee will be painting next, visit