A FREAK ACCIDENT: ‘The Last Jedi,’ SNL writer suspended, ‘1984,’ and a maid of dishonor

A FREAK ACCIDENT: ‘The Last Jedi,’ SNL writer suspended, ‘1984,’ and a maid of dishonor
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Mankind has a history of making costly mistakes – A Freak Accident is just the latest. Behold, a podcast that runs on pure nuclear absurdity with just enough addictive, fanatic energy to keep you wanting more.

Hosted by four current and former radio personalities, A Freak Accident boldly ventures into the topical realms of current events, pop culture, rock and metal music, sports, stupidity, and pointlessness. So join Crisco, Lazy E, and Mikki as they tear the world asunder in pursuit of entertainment and a few good laughs. What’s the worst that could happen?

A Freak Accident – the best mistake ever made.

Episode 54 highlights include:

  • Mikki tried out for roller derby
  • News update: “Star Wars: Episode VIII” gets a title, “The Last Jedi;” Oscar nominations; an SNL writer was suspended for making fun of Donald Trump’s 10-year-old kid; a Texas radio station banned Madonna; “1984” is a bestseller this week; a follow-up on the hacker behind “The Fappening”
  • A maid of honor ruins everything
  • A Girl and Guy’s Perspective
  • “Trans-age” man thinks he’s a 6-year-old girl
  • NFL Conference Championships, Pro Bowl, and Implausible Prognostications

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