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YOU SHOULD BE LISTENING TO: Scranton grunge punk band Moral Code

YOU SHOULD BE LISTENING TO: Scranton grunge punk band Moral Code
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Moral Code

City: Scranton

Genre(s): Grunge punk, punk rock, alternative rock, rock

Years active: 2015-present

Sounds like: With the energy of a pop or skate punk band but the grungy guitar and bass of alternative rock, Moral Code isn’t as stringent as their name, able to slip in and out of different rock genres with ease, along with effortless acoustic deviations. It all blends into accessible songs perfect for a rainy day lost in thought or diving into a sweaty swarm of fans and crowdsurfing through buried frustration and emotions. The vocals are clear and just as strong and diverse as the music, hitting hard and then reeling back with youthful contemplation.

The variety alone will keep you tuned in, but it’s not unfocused, feeling fluid like the natural highs and lows that these tunes express.

For fans of: Title Fight; Tigers Jaw; The Menzingers; Three Man Cannon; Captain, We’re Sinking; Superheaven; Balance and Composure; The Wonder Years; Nirvana; Hum; Nothing; Diamond Youth; Inner Temple; and Westpoint

Number of albums/EPs released: Two (one EP, “Hindsight,” in 2015 and one full-length album, “Blue Noise,” in 2016)

Latest release: “Blue Noise,” released Oct. 8, 2016

Fun fact: Moral Code started off as a side project and ended up being the members’ favorite band to play in, so it eventually turned into a more serious project.

Online: Facebook, Twitter, Bandcamp, and YouTube

Upcoming shows:

Feb. 3: Irish Wolf Pub (503 Linden St., Scranton) with City of Ember; Dreamers, Like Us; and The Aegean, 9 p.m.

Photo by Reuther Productions

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