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Indie horror comedy ‘Attack of the Killer Shrews’ screens with cast and crew in Honesdale on March 18

Indie horror comedy ‘Attack of the Killer Shrews’ screens with cast and crew in Honesdale on March 18
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From a press release:

Canaltown will present the local premiere of the indie horror comedy “Attack of the Killer Shrews!” at Cinema 6 in Honesdale on Saturday, March 18 at 8 p.m. The screening will be accompanied by cast and crew members of the big screen production.

Created by White Lion Studios in Western New York, the movie is a hilarious remake of the 1959 cult classic. A professor, a scream queen, a small town sheriff, and others must survive an onslaught of monstrous killer rodents in this modernized version written and directed by Ken Cosentino and starring Jonathan Rogers, Bill Kennedy, and Elizabeth Houlihan.

Intended as a double feature for drive-in theaters alongside “The Giant Gila Monster,” the original “Killer Shrews” went on to be featured in the fourth season of “Mystery Science Theater 3000” and has since touched the hearts of many. The movie, produced by Ken Curtis and Gordon McLendon, is so bad that it’s actually good. Starring James Best, the story follows a group of people trapped on an island with gigantic carnivorous killer shrews. The highlight of the film is definitely the shrews, which were large dogs hidden under cheap costumes and fanged masks.

Tickets for the screening at Cinema 6 (1199 Texas Palmyra Hwy., Honesdale) are $12, with $2 from every ticket sold going to river and trail projects in Honesdale and Hawley, such as the Honesdale River Project. There will be a chance to meet the filmmakers and encourage them to film their planned “Shrews” sequel in Honesdale. The event is BYOB.

White Lion Studios is a rapidly growing movie studio located in Western New York. The independently owned and operated company specializes in getting the most bang for their buck. Through innovation and the talents of hardworking artists, they are able to produce motion pictures full of original content. Recently, they self-distributed “Attack of the Killer Shrews!” and their film “Wolf House” is available at Walmart and on VOD through Wild Eye Releasing.

Canaltown is an event-based project in Honesdale existing to create opportunities for community members to share space and connect with the local landscape. For more information, e-mail or see the Canaltown Facebook page.

The original “Killer Shrews” film can be watched in its entirety for free below:

  • Rocky Rocketeer

    The original Killer Shrews were Poodles and a German Shepard dressed in what looks like a moulting mink stole .. ha ha.