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EXCLUSIVE: Interviews with GWAR, Anti-Flag, Valient Thorr, Big D, and Silverstein at Warped Tour in Scranton

EXCLUSIVE: Interviews with GWAR, Anti-Flag, Valient Thorr, Big D, and Silverstein at Warped Tour in Scranton
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On Monday, July 10, NEPA Scene conducted interviews at the 2017 Vans Warped Tour at The Pavilion at Montage Mountain in Scranton that streamed live on our Facebook page all day while photographer Keith Perks shot some amazing photos. For those who missed our conversations, all five interviews with popular national touring acts are presented below in both video and audio formats.

Unfortunately, our Wi-Fi signal wasn’t the best on the Mountain (and our budget as an independent publication doesn’t allow for much more), so some of the videos skip and cut out, particularly during the Big D and the Kids Table and Anti-Flag chats, but the full audio can be streamed or downloaded below via SoundCloud and on iTunes and Stitcher.

First up was vocalist David McWane and saxophonist Ryan O’Connor of Boston ska punk band Big D and the Kids Table, who discussed their latest double album, keeping their music relevant, how they stay motivated, Warped Tour over the years, how their local music scene has changed, and more.

Next was drummer Paul Koehler of Candian post-hardcore band Silverstein, who talked about their brand new album, “Dead Reflection,” how they’ve developed their sound over the years, memorable Warped Tour experiences, and more.

We got political with drummer Pat Thetic of Pittsburgh punk rock group Anti-Flag, who had plenty to say about George W. Bush vs. Donald Trump, working on a new album that reflects the current political climate, evolving in sound and message, the music scene in Pittsburgh and across Pennsylvania (with a shout-out Scranton punk band The Menzingers), and more.

Singer Valient Himself of Southern rock band Valient Thorr isn’t afraid to be honest and sometimes weird, talking about how their record label hasn’t supported their latest album, “Old Salt,” what has changed and stayed the same about Warped Tour, what inspires their music, how politics play a role in their lyrics, getting married, and more.

Last but not least, we caught up with alien monster metal band GWAR just minutes before they took the stage and covered everyone in gallons of blood. Because their massive costumes and personalities couldn’t fit into the press trailer, we talked outside, so the audio version is recommended for this quick but funny chat on their time on Earth, killing fellow Warped Tour bands, eating humans (particularly babies), their new comic book, and more.

See NEPA Scene’s photos of four of these bands below and check out the entire set, featuring 21 acts along with fans, here.



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