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PHOTOS: Electric City Music Conference in Scranton, 09/15-16/17

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The Electric City Music Conference continues to be the largest celebration of local music in Northeastern Pennsylvania, hosting over 150 bands from eight states in 11 different venues.

Starting on Thursday, Sept. 14 with the Steamtown Music Awards at The V-Spot, the fourth annual conference may have been the best one yet, featuring packed performances across the Scranton area on Friday, Sept. 15 and Saturday, Sept. 16 as well as special events like local DJ sets at Levels Bar & Grill on Friday and “Screaming Infidelities” with DJ Hersh and ECMC co-organizer Joe Caviston at The Bog, where they played emo, punk, post-hardcore, and screamo tunes from the late ’90s and early 2000s, prompting nostalgic sing-alongs as confetti rained down on the crowd.

The Backyard Ale House also had music on its outdoor stage as part of the Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure after-party on Saturday, and Scranton metal band Behind the Grey released their new EP, “Treason,” at The V-Spot later that night.

In addition to consistent Instagram updates throughout the weekend that include Grayson Drive, Latewaves, Patrick McGlynn and Steve Werner, Joe Burke, Alma Mater, and Rahway, artists photographed here include University Drive; The Barn Cats; Rick Gillette of Nowhere Slow; Permanence; Dreamers, Like Us; Apache Chief; DJ Hersh; Esta Coda; Purcell; American Buffalo Ghost; Red Hymns; The Hill You Die On; and Behind the Grey.

See NEPA Scene’s photos from the Steamtown Music Awards here. Listen to ECMC founders Joe Caviston and Kenneth Norton talk about the conference and the awards in depth in Episode 26 of the NEPA Scene Podcast: