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Pop punk bands Carousel Kings and We Were Sharks play at Irish Wolf Pub in Scranton on Dec. 15

Pop punk bands Carousel Kings and We Were Sharks play at Irish Wolf Pub in Scranton on Dec. 15
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From a press release:

Meat and Potato Entertainment has exclusively announced through NEPA Scene that The Escape Tour, featuring Victory Records pop punk bands Carousel Kings and We Were Sharks, along with up-and-comers GutterLIFE (CI Records), will make a stop at the Irish Wolf Pub in downtown Scranton on Friday, Dec. 15.

Local acts Dreamers, Like Us; Alma Mater; Stay Loud; and the Crookshanks will open the show. Tickets will be $10 in advance or $12 at the door (503 Linden St., Scranton).

Carousel Kings have anchored their name as one of the most ambitious and creative rock machines in recent years. The Lancaster music scene has definitely had an influence on them – the same town that bred the metal bands August Burns Red, Texas in July, and This or the Apocalypse. It gave them the idea that it was possible to be a national act and to go for it. Having grown up there, influenced by heavy bands but wanting to do something different, Carousel Kings did just that. The band wanted to be as poppy as possible but stay true to their roots, keeping the edginess – and the ethic – in place.

While Carousel Kings was founded by singer David Alexander in 2008, it was a couple of years until this revolving door lineup of friends, playing for camaraderie and fun, started to really focus on the band as a nationally touring act. They released their debut album, “A Slice of Heaven,” on CI Records in 2012, followed by an EP, “Road Warrior,” later that year. Then they recorded a Spanish version as well as Reggaeton version of the single “Baby” (from “A Slice of Heaven”). A couple other EPs and singles followed on CI, and their tenure with the label culminated in the release of the highly celebrated second full-length album “Unity” in 2014. Soon after, the band was truly united with the permanent addition of bassist Cody Williams and New Jersey natives Will Barovick on guitar and Danny Wilkins on drums.

It’s been a nonstop road trip for Carousel Kings as the band toured extensively, performing with Panic! at the Disco, Less Than Jake, Rise Against, City Lights, and the Vans Warped Tour.

When they were thinking of a title for album No. 3, they wanted to find a name that was tranquil, yet matches their glossy pop melodies and arena-sized hooks. “Charm City” is about that dream place, a trippy world shared by all, yet unique to the individual. “This is the place where I go in my dreams,” says Alexander. “I want to connect the listener to my ‘Charm City’ and realize that they too can envision and live in their own ‘Charm City’ whenever they want to.”

Having recorded nearly every previous piece of Carousel Kings material, producers Grant McFarland and Carson Slovak were called back to Atrium Audio (Candlebox, August Burns Red) in early 2016 to record “Charm City,” the band’s Victory Records debut. August Burns Red bassist/vocalist Dustin Davidson also lent his voice on the track “Something Isn’t Right.” “Charm City” was released on Feb. 10, entering the iTunes rock charts at No. 14.

“We hope this record can connect both on an entertaining, fun level and also get people thinking outside the box with regards to what it is they can accomplish,” admits Alexander. “Anything is possible. Create your own ‘Charm City’ and go for it!”

The We Were Sharks story is one of tenacity and passion, being told with catchy vocal hooks and crunchy guitar riffs. Since 2011, these Canadians have been dedicating their lives to pumping out tunes and tearing apart highways. With a recently solidified six-man lineup, We Were Sharks are poised to pop.

After their debut LP release, “Highways,” in 2012, the band started gaining national notoriety and laid the foundations of a loyal fan base, reinforced by their most accomplished work to date, 2015’s “Not a Chance” EP, which was released through Panic State Records. The record’s single “Bridge Burner” quickly amassed over 1,000,000 plays on Spotify.

Based in Ottawa and collecting members from the far reaches of Eastern Canada, We Were Sharks continue to wield the full force of Canadian alternative music. Through a penchant for blending melodic harmony with powerful dissonance, they continue to produce infectious music. Even though these boys already have a lot of mileage under their belts, their book is far from written.

They have shared the stage with State Champs, The Wonder Years, Beartooth, Andrew W.K., and many others. Victory Records signed the band in 2017 and will release their new album, “Lost Touch,” in February of 2018.

It’s been nearly two years since GutterLIFE fans have heard new music from the Long Island, New York melodic punk band. In what seems almost too ironic to be true, their first release since 2015’s “Don’t Sleep,” “Awake,” was revealed as the debut single off their anxiously awaited full-length “Radio Silence,” set to drop in early 2018. With a recent signing to CI Records and a slew of tours on the horizon, the band shows no signs of stopping.