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After tour with All That Remains, Scranton prog rockers Eye on Attraction crowdfund ambitious new album

After tour with All That Remains, Scranton prog rockers Eye on Attraction crowdfund ambitious new album
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Those who have been following Eye on Attraction from the beginning know how hard the Scranton rock band has worked to get where they are – especially with their intricate, progressive, yet catchy music.

Since forming in 2010, they’ve only released one full-length album and one EP – “The Factory” in 2012 and “Staircases” in 2014, both with different singers – but that’s because the time and effort put into each song is clear. The core trio of drummer Andrew Merkle, guitarist Mike Trischetta, and bassist Joe Quincy took a break from live shows after touring with Adelitas Way in 2016 but continued to work on new music privately, bursting back onto the scene last year with an impressive new single called “Pleasantville” and a big comeback show with new vocalist Jen Fracas, solidifying their stellar reputation as a live band.

Signing with bookers M7 Agency (Smile Empty Soul, Ghostface Killah, Corey Glover, Austin John Winkler) and recent tours supporting national acts like All That Remains and The Veer Union have only bolstered their already sizable following, and back in Scranton, they took home Artist of the Year and Drummer of the Year in the 2018 Steamtown Music Awards, so now is likely the best time for the group to release a new album – but, to remain independent without creative interference, they can’t do it without some help.

EoA started an Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign last month for their “most ambitious project ever” – a two-part album called “The Method” and “The Madness.” Recording on their own and at Side B Studios in Wapwallopen, the band promises that these songs will span many different genres while retaining the high concepts, progressive edge, and pop sensibilities they’ve become known for, taking notes from Coheed and Cambria and The Dear Hunter as much as Paramore and The Pretty Reckless.

“We have spent almost a decade working toward the goals that very few seem to want to talk openly about. Like our heroes in bands like Rush, Muse, and Queen, we want to make our music our way, and we want to spread it all over the world,” EoA wrote on the Indiegogo page.

“We have progressed far enough into the industry where it’s time to decide whether or not to sign away our creative freedom. We would rather die than be anything other than who we are. With your help, you can say, ‘I knew them when.'”

While their flexible goal of $100,00 is a lot of money, hoping to covering everything from the recording to transportation to a newly designed light show, the up-and-coming quartet has managed to raise $11,599 in just one month. Options for supporters include signed copies of the finished CDs, digital downloads, demos, a special edition deluxe box set, an original board game, cover song requests, free entry to every show they play for life, and a private band experience. Throughout the campaign, EoA has been updating with video clips that tease what is to come:

Extending the campaign one more week, those who want to pre-order both “The Method” and “The Madness” only have until the end of next Friday, Oct. 19 to do so. Eye on Attraction are only going to get bigger from here, so those on the ground floor of their rise to fame will certainly remember helping with this release for years to come.

See NEPA Scene’s photos of EoA performing with Esta Coda and Katie Evans at O’Leary’s Pub in Scranton last year here.

  • Shawndina Etcitty

    Can’t wait to hear their new album! ♥️